5 Common Issues Of Live Streaming Events


Many individuals, groups of people, and organisations are live streaming their events. After all, live streaming allows people from different corners of the world to participate in the event. For example, live streaming a wedding allows the overseas friends and relatives of the bride and groom to participate in the event without being physically present.

However, people encounter problems during live streaming events:


One of the most common issues of live streams is choppy or lack of audio. Sometimes, online viewers can’t hear the speaker properly, or the entire video is muted.

There are several reasons why it happens. For example, the speakers don’t have microphones, or the camera is too far away from the speaker or the sound system. You can solve this by investing in a high-quality microphone which you can use during the live-streaming event.


Does your live stream buffer on the end of your online viewers? It could be due to your internet connection. Before the show, make sure to test the speed and strength of your wifi connection. Always have backup internet connections in the form of data in case of wifi interruption. You can let your videographer in Singapore test the internet.


Audiences use multiple devices when watching videos, such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets. You can ensure that your live stream will play on different devices without any quality and buffer issues by HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). It will ensure your video is compatible with any video player.

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Are you wondering why some people can’t join your live stream? It can be due to view restrictions. For example, some specific countries or regions can’t view the live stream due to restrictions.

Sometimes, the broadcaster can ease these restrictions. With the help of your streaming tech team and corporate videography team in Singapore, you can create a list of countries and regions that will be given access to the stream.


Is the video blurry, and the resolution can’t go any higher than 720p? This issue is caused by poor hardware. For example, faulty and low-quality cameras produce poor output. Instead of using cameras for event photography in Singapore, use professional cameras appropriate for videography because they deliver better quality.

An unstable internet connection also affects the video quality, so always check the speed and strength of your internet connection before the event.

You can guarantee seamless and faultless live streaming events if you are prepared to face these issues.

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