3 Tips to Foster Camaraderie and Teamwork While Brand Building

It’s 9 am and your employees are showing up to work. You see the sad look on their faces as they enter the door. “Where is the energy?” you think to yourself.

You have a cup of coffee and remember that your employees are your job. If they are unhappy, that starts with you. You know you want to build teamwork throughout your staff, but aren’t sure where to start.

Does this sound like you? If so, you’ll want to stick around for our advice on how to implement brand-building through teamwork. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. Buddy System

You’ll want to implement a buddy system in the workplace. When your employees can trust one another, a special bond is formed. The feeling of “I’m alone” will quickly dissipate when they can see themselves in someone else’s shoes.

It is tough being the new person in the workplace. That first day conjures up so many emotions and butterflies. Knowing they have a co-worker they can go to to ask questions and learn from will cultivate a teamwork mentality.

This is especially useful for new hires but can be useful in other areas as well. If there is a new project or task, having someone by your side takes the edge off.

  1. All Ears Brainstorming

Employees love to share their two cents when coming up with ideas. Others prefer to listen more intently. Everyone’s opinions and ideas ought to be valued and respected.

To achieve this, in the next brainstorm session everyone has time to speak. Whoever is speaking holds a fun prop so everyone will take a look and pay attention. When their time is up, each member of the staff will repeat the idea and offer the pros and cons.

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This works because rather than waiting for your turn to speak, you must develop those crucial listening skills. It’s a skill that is highly underrated and utilized. This will not only teach your employees how to listen better but will be fostering camaraderie throughout.

  1. Silver Linings Playbook

A great way to break the ice with employees is by having them be vulnerable with one another.

Have employees break off into groups of two. From there, ask the first partner to tell an unpleasant experience either in life or work. The second partner will listen and then retell the story but from a positive perspective.

This teaches your employees to always look to the positive side of things. There is always a silver lining to the experiences we have. You grow much stronger and faster from the things that didn’t necessarily go your way.

Teamwork Is a Thing of Beauty

You know the cliche, teamwork makes the dream work. To keep the dream alive, you must be apart of the winning solution.

A work environment is a difficult thing to manage. There are numerous ways you can cultivate the attitudes and energy you desire.

For tons of advice on work-related articles, be sure to follow through on our blog. Your head will be buzzing and you’ll be itching to get back to the office in no time.