A dreaded brown spot on your ceiling can make you uncomfortable. The truth is that roof leaks cause discomfort, especially if you plan to list your home for sale. The first place a potential buyer will probably inspect is the roof.

Your roof is a big investment and carries a big percentage of your overall home building budget. If you don’t have home insurance, you want to ensure your roof is well maintained. One way of protecting your roof is inspecting it for any leaks and repairing them on time. On your way to look for the best sports flooring company, you should also reach out to a roofer to sort out your leaks on time before your roof comes down.

  1. Pipe boot failure 

This kind of roof leak happens where a boot around the pipe fails. A roof boot is a kind of flashing that goes around the base of the pipes coming out of the roof. Your roofer can use different types of boots like those made of copper, plastic, and lead. The objective of the boot is to stop the water from following the pipe down to your roof.

Solution: install a rubber collar over the top of the old cracked pipe boot. This collar will encase the flange for up to a decade.

  1. Roofing nails not driven properly 

A roofing nail that has not been driven properly is another cause of roof leaks. If the nail is not overdriven into the wood and doesn’t hold snug and tight, you will likely have a roof leak. Also, if the nail is not driven sideways into the shingle, it can cause the nail’s head to work back up through the shingles and cause a leak.

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Solution: If you want to repair this leak, you should break the seal on the shingle, lift the shingle, and move the nail. You should pull the nail out if it is not drilled properly. Lay some ice and water shield on top of the nail. If the nail finds its way through the shingle, you should reseal the shingle and drill a new nail.

  1. Chimney getting old 

Wear and tear of the chimney on your roof can also cause leakage. A chimney can leak in many ways, sometimes because of metal flashing under the shingles surrounding the chimney. It could be mortar joints if it is brick. The bricks and mortar joints will get saturated, and the water will find its way into the roof’s interior if it rains heavily. This will cause damage to the roof, ceiling, and walls.

Solution: Your roofer will go up the roof and re-flash the chimney if that is causing the leakage. If the leak is from the mortar joints, your roofer will use masonry water repellant to seal the roof. If you want to repair leaks on your roof chimney, you should hire a carpenter or siding man for the job. Reach out to your roofing contractor for any leaks coming from the chase top of the chimney.