What is the Maximum Range of a Baby Monitor?

If you are buying a baby monitor for the first time, you may ignore the importance of asking the seller about the baby’s monitor coverage. The range of a baby monitor’s reach is very important. If you exceed the range, obviously your monitor will not function optimally. Therefore, ask the seller, What is the distance that can be reached by the baby monitor you want to buy.

 Some people also admit that they are wrong in measuring the distance of a baby monitor’s range. The factory that makes baby monitors has calculated the range of products it makes. An average baby monitor can reach 2000 feet in outdoors. As for indoor baby monitors, the distance is usually 500 to 1000 feet. 

How can it be different? The difference in range is made according to need. Make sure you buy a baby monitor that suits your needs. If you need indoor monitor, don’t buy an outdoor baby monitor. And vice versa. Look for baby monitors functions according to your needs.

If you have a big house with a less comprehensive Wifi network, use a baby monitor that need no Wi-Fi. This makes you easier to connect with your baby without having to think about the internet network. 

Some baby monitors that use Wi-Fi sometimes experience delays. For example, your house is big, in the video on the baby monitor, your baby is asleep. What if your internet is not stable or slow? The baby might wake up and you don’t know about it

Currently, there is a baby monitor that has an alarm feature. This feature is very sophisticated and able to help you. The feature will work if your internet is slow or if you are out of range. If you are too far away and the baby monitor cannot reach its distance, then it will automatically remind you that you are out of range.

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Make sure you choose the best baby monitor. Famous brands or expensive prices do not always guarantee that the product you buy is the best product. 

When you choose a baby monitor, don’t be afraid to ask specifically. Does the monitor need wi-fi? Can the monitor reach long distances? Can it work well indoors and outdoors? Don’t be afraid to be critical in order to get the best product

If you want to use a baby monitor in a place where there is no WiFi, you better use a walkie talkie. Why is a walkie talkie a good choice? Walkie talkies are a practical tool. It does not use wi-fi and tends to reach far distance. For example you go out of town and stay at a hotel. You might get a room on a different floor with your children. Walkie talkies will help you stay connected with your children even though you are separated by several floors 

Baby monitor is something that is very helpful for parents in supervising their children. In buying a baby monitor, make sure you buy a baby monitor in accordance with its function. Indoor and outdoor baby monitors are different. Some baby monitors have a wide range, but some are only functioning at close range. Some are connected by Wi-Fi and some are not. Make sure you choose a baby monitor according to your needs