What is The Difference Between Security Guards and Security Officers?

Is a job in the field of security something you’re interested in pursuing? The need for security personnel (such as guards and officers) is high because of the increasing crime rates in the United States. So, what exactly do security officers and security guards do?

Even while you may hear the phrases “security guard” and “security officer” used interchangeably, you should realize that there is a difference between the two. Find out what it is, how to distinguish between a security officer and a security guard, and their different roles and responsibilities.

Who is a Security Officer?

To put it simply, a security guard is responsible for the day-to-day chores of keeping a building secure, whereas an officer acts more as a manager, overseeing the whole security operation. Security officers collaborate with security guards to assign roles and responsibilities to ensure that everything is functioning smoothly and securely. The success or failure of the security at an event is often seen as a direct reflection of the security officer, who is often the event’s only manager and so bears the brunt of responsibility for the security team and their work. Security officers usually have years of expertise in the field and may even be responsible for training new security guards.

Who is a Security Guard?

Security guards are the common face of a security guard company. During events or venues with security personnel present, they are the persons the general public will interact with. A security guard’s job is to keep an eye out for anything that seems suspicious or might disrupt the event and report it to the security team as instructed. When given permission by the security officer, they will immediately begin taking action to resolve the situation.  Security guards must be kind and helpful to anyone who approaches them for any reason as they interact with the public, whether for advice on how to go there or if they feel threatened.

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When Do You Need a Security Guard?

Security guard services are highly recommended where personnel movement is restricted and an active deterrence against illegal or disruptive conduct is required, such as at a bank or other financial institution. These are some places where the services of a security guard are critical:

  • Banks and other financial institutions.
  • Construction site.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Gated community.
  • An industrial center.
  • A museum or other public places.

When Are Security Officers Needed?

A security officer’s job is far more varied and unpredictable as compared to that of a security guard. It’s also a more administrative task. Although security guards and officers both work in similar settings, the latter is often called upon for more administrative duties.

A security officer’s duties may include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Performing administrative work at the office.
  • Mediating conflicts between security guards.
  • Responding to emergencies.
  • Making rounds between security guard checkpoints doing field inspections and patrols.

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