5 Major Challenges Of A Door Access System In Singapore

Stricter door access is probably one of the most notable breakthroughs in the security system in Singapore. There are numerous door access systems in the world today, such as RFID door access, keypad readers, smart locks, and biometric locks, to name a few.

Yet, despite its ability to provide better security, your door access system in Singapore still faces a few challenges.

Here are the challenges of door access systems:

1. Cost

Businesses can afford a biometric door access system for their office and warehouses; however, for ordinary families who want a safer home, door access systems can be a little bit expensive. It ranges between hundreds to thousands of dollars.

But remember, investment in security is always a good investment.

2. Access problems

Like keys, people easily lose their keycards. On the other hand, children and even elderlies fail to remember their PIN codes and passwords. Some digital locks use Bluetooth connections from smartphones through an app.  There can be access problems when the phone is stolen or lost. Inebriated people also struggle in unlocking their door locks.

3. Retrofitting

Not all doors can accommodate a door access and time attendance system in Singapore. Most people are having problems retrofitting their facilities for the security system.

Additionally, integrating the door system into your current security system in Singapore can also be a problem.

4. Lack of knowledge

Traditional locks and keys are still the most user-friendly locks today. Many people overlook the benefits of a biometric door access system as they repulse technology.

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The lack of knowledge on how modern technology works draws people away from getting safer and more secure lock systems.

5. Low-quality locks

Many manufacturers produce low-quality door access systems at a lower price. These low-grade products leave bad impressions on people.

Additionally, improper installation of the door access system in Singapore also impacts its functionality.

Security solutions companies continue to improve their products for foolproof protection.

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