What is Bluetooth Speaker

Although technology is developed, many people’s impression of speakers is in their memory. They think that the sound box is either large with good sound quality, or small with poor sound quality. Many companies are introducing Bluetooth speakers. This article is to tell users what Bluetooth speakers are.

Bluetooth speaker refers to a movable speaker with built-in Bluetooth chip. It can be connected with intelligent devices with Bluetooth function. For example, computers, mobile phones and the like. It realizes the purpose of wireless music listening. Most of the common Bluetooth speakers are mono speakers. They are suitable for outdoor use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth speakers? The advantages are extensive. As long as there is an adaptable Bluetooth device for data transmission or voice communication, it is popularized. The second is that its operability is simple. Bluetooth speakers have only three or four keys. You only need to use these three or four keys to complete all your operations. The third point is that its wireless transmission rate advantage is strong. Bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed. Only when the transmission speed is fast can the sound quality be guaranteed. Because the larger the file of general music, the better the sound effect. The transmission distance of Bluetooth is about 10 meters. At home, Bluetooth speakers do not have to worry about losing signals causing the sound source to be disconnected. The speaker will be unable to continue playing songs.

Bluetooth speakers have some disadvantages. Bluetooth transmission protocol is the same as other 2.4 G devices. All signals in the same frequency band are used. If they are used at the same time, signal interference may occur. The second point is that Bluetooth speaker is a speaker working. It will not be able to play surround sound like a home speaker. HUAWEI’s HONOR Mini speaker is an exception. You can purchase this speaker in two and connect them with one key. So users can enjoy the charm of surround speakers anywhere. Besides, the Mini Speaker price is not high now. It is suitable to start with two. The third disadvantage of Bluetooth speaker is that its connection is limited by distance. Although 10 meters is far away, it is impossible to compare with a speaker with a self-inserted SD card. The last point is the common fault of all movable sound boxes. No matter how good the sound quality of this small volume sound box is, it will not be better than that brought by large sound boxes.

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I hope this article can help some users understand Bluetooth speakers. They can consider whether to buy them.