What Is an Air Compressor Used For?

Did you know that there are certain air compressors that can cause hearing loss if you’re exposed to the noise they create for hours on end?

If you don’t know the purpose of an air compressor or what it is, you’ll be surprised to learn some of the ways it can play a part in everyday life.

You may wonder what is an air compressor used for? Keep reading to learn what an air compressor is, how it works, and the most common uses you may see in day to day life.

What is an Air Compressor? 

An air compressor, in the literal sense, is anything the increases the amount of air that is in an enclosed space. The compressed air is stored in the compressor for later use. As the air is packed, the air pressure increases creating a force that is useful in many applications from personal use to commercial or industrial use.

How Does an Air Compressor Work? 

Air compressors have an inlet valve at the top of the cylinder that sucks in the air. The valve on the opposite side of the cylinder head is the one that releases the compressed air.

An air compressor uses pistons to get the outside air into the cylinder. The piston is powered by a gas engine or an electric motor. The piston creates a vacuum as it moves down the inner walls of the cylinder lowering the pressure to allow air to fill the cylinder.

The resulting compressed air that becomes pressurized transfers to the storage tank ready for use.

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What is an Air Compressor Used For? Most Common Uses 

If you’re wondering how to use an air compressor, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at some of the practical uses and some of the less common, but clever uses.

  1. Dental Services 

Have you had the dental hygienist use the tool to clean away debris when cleaning your teeth? This is powered by an air compressor. Air compressors power many of the important tools found in the dentist’s office.

  1. Painting 

Whether painting a house or an automobile, compressors are the power behind paint spray guns.

  1. Cleaning Up Woodworking Messes 

If you’re a woodworker, you know what a mess things become when cutting and sanding. Use the air compressor to clean off the miter saw or workbench.

  1. Inflate Recreational Items  

Inflate your pool floats, inflatable paddleboards, and bicycle tires with ease in minutes. No more waiting around for the big flamingo to inflate.

  1. Snowmaking 

It’s not only the ski resorts that make their own snow, using an air compressor, you can make snow at home.

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Air Compressor Applications 

Now that you have an answer to the question, “What is an air compressor used for?”, you realize that “air compressor uses” play a part in your everyday life and you didn’t even know it. They really can make your life easier.

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