Toilet Troubles: 5 Things You Should Consider In A Toilet

Even though food is life, pooping in a nice and clean toilet bowl in Singapore is a lifesaver. A bad stomach ache will no longer deter you from pooping because you know your toilet has excellent flush systems. You do not have to use a plunger to add pressure and push your clogged poop.

Here are the things you need to consider in a toilet to guarantee that.


A “rough-in” is the gap between the wall behind the toilet and the toilet’s bolt cap, which can be 10″, 12″, or 14″. This measurement is where you should install your toilet bowl.

Start by measuring the rough-in for your toilet when choosing a toilet. Measure from the wall to the bolt cap, not from the moulding to the bolt cap.


Apart from making sure your toilet has flush systems, you should also check its performance. The flush performance is based on its solid waste removal.  That is why you should keep in mind that the more water it can hold, the better it can flush.


Apart from having a bidet, you also have to consider the toilet seat in Singapore. Opt for low-sitting so children and seniors can use it without any problems and poop with ease.


Since pooping is not the only use of a toilet bowl, you should go for a dual flush. That way, you can conserve water as much as possible.

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This factor heavily relies on the design of the toilet bowl you choose. If your toilet bowl has a space between the wall, you can easily clean it.

Now you know what things to consider when looking for a toilet bowl in Singapore, you are ready to purchase one for your home. Start your search by checking out TOTO Asia Oceania! They offer various styles of toilet and flush systems at affordable prices. Visit their website today.