Tips to Make Your iPad Do as a Laptop Do

Whilst using your iPad to keep in touch on social media, this tablet is actually able to do almost everything a laptop does. Recent updates on iPad software add some sophisticated features such as trackpad supports, enhanced multitasking, and an improved browser.

With those new features, it can be the best time to replace your iPad into a laptop. Below are some notable features to help you to turn your iPad into a laptop replacement.

Gesticulation control

It is not as simple as swiping the screen when getting around with an iPad. Some multitasking gesticulations enable you to do things such as resizing apps, switching between apps quickly, or using numerous apps at once. There are about sixteen gestures on the iPad you should understand. For the best prices on Apple iPad Air, Mini or Pro in Sri Lanka, check this site.

Multi-window apps

After mastering the gesticulation control, you should also learn about the multi-windows app subsequently. You should also consider which apps you are going to use in numerous windows. Similar to open multiple Chrome windows on your laptop, you can also do the same thing on your iPad with apps support to the operating system. There are various ways to open an app with multiple windows. The easiest way is to drag and then drop an icon of an app on a new app.

You can figure out whether the app supports multiple windows or not by long-pressing the icon of the app, and see the pop-up menu in support of “Show all windows” selection.


Safari is the original browser of the iPad. This is very essential, particularly when opening websites such as WordPress or Google Docs on your iPad. It means that fewer issues may occur when loading the websites, you can notice the version like on a desktop when a site is loading by default. The browser surprisingly has devoted settings of specific sites, downloads manager, and also more tools to manage when opening tabs.

External storage use

On the recent iPad version with iOS 13, the Files app can show you some documents and files stored on your iPad’s external storage. Therefore, you can connect devices like external hard drive, SSD, or USB to your gadget. This app also allows you to move documents as you wish on your laptop. To do that, you will need an adapter. The most modern iPad generally comes with a USB connector for accessories and charging, while the older version utilizes Lightning ports. With a proper adapter, connecting your storage device to the iPad is easy to perform.

Use a trackpad or mouse

Mouse support is actually included in the recent iPad version. But it is hidden as a feature of accessibility and not a major feature of an iPad. You can actually connect a Bluetooth keyboard or trackpad or a wired mouse to your iPad when you have already installed the newest update. When a trackpad or mouse is connected to the tablet, you will discover either a Trackpad or mouse selection in the Setting menu. You can adjust how it behaves as well as disabling ordinary scrolling.

The iPad is a sleek and powerful computer with long battery life and great display. Trackpad or mouse support is needed to make it as a productivity machine, making it possible to get your work done. However, it doesn’t mean that it can work perfectly as a laptop substitute of sorts.