Tips To Get Out Of The Photographic Routine

The creative routine can happen to anyone. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to combat the dreaded photographic blockage. Below are some tips to get out of the routine and start doing what you love again.

  1. Research

Engaging in artistic research is one of the first tips to get out of the photographic routine. Whether online or in print, finding out what other photographers have been up to can stimulate new approaches to photography. Go to

A look at contemporary photography can help you approach your passion from new perspectives. In addition, by recalling the history of photography, you can be motivated to use proven photographic methods.

  1. Create A Visual Journal

Often, writers find that putting ideas down on paper helps stimulate creative thinking. The same goes for photographers.

A great way to organize your findings during your research is to create a visual journal. Artists have kept visual diaries for centuries as a means of consolidating ideas and cultivating inspiration. The idea is that your visual journal is your physical expression of the creative process.

  1. Choose A Theme

Another tip to get out of the photographic routine is to choose a single theme to photograph. Choosing a specific theme helps focus your creativity. Having a theme also simplifies your photographic process, setting a clear lens you can work on.

Also, when you work on a theme, you begin to discover interesting perspectives on a topic that you may not have considered before. It feeds your creative drive, helping you break out of the photographer’s block.

  1. Try Something New

Photography is made up of an infinite amount of techniques and approaches. Photographers have many tools at their disposal to get out of the photographic routine.

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Trying a new thing can be exciting, and it helps refocus your entire photo practice, jumpstart your creative flow, and get you back on the right track.