The Technology behind Fast Charging Cables

The large capacity of a battery is important as we use our smartphones frequently. Thanks to fast charging technology that allows you to charge faster than ever. The technology enables you to charge the battery in a few minutes to a sufficient usage of your smartphones.

If you are going to buy a new smartphone these days, fast charging is ultimately an important feature to take into consideration.

While the technology of fast charging may be built into your phone by default, the accessories you use are also determining how slow or fast your phone charges. Charging cables are available at various prices, length, durability, and how fast they can charge. See our collection of charging data cables in Sri Lanka at The 3000 Store for a steal of a price.

Regular cables vs. fast charging cables

When it comes to charging cables, you may wonder about the differences between the regular cables and the fast charging cables. There are various charging cable types available in the market. The USB cables can actually impact the charging speed of your gadget to reach a hundred percent. Typically, to get pleasure from the speed of fast charging, you should also use a fast charging cable. Besides, a fast-charging adapter is also needed to optimize the charger.

So what distinguish fast charging cables from the regular cables? The difference between them is the amount of power sent to the battery of your gadget at-a-given-time. When compared to regular charging cables, cables with fast charging technology can fill up your gadget’s battery faster than the regular one. if you normally charge the battery in three hours, with fast charging technology you can charge your device just in few minutes to have sufficient battery capacity. Based on the smartphone models and the manufacturers, the regular charging cables can only send about 2.5 watts to the battery, while the fast cables can send more than 120 watts to fill up your battery. The charging time is also different as fast charging charges just need a few minutes to fill up your device’s battery.

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What makes fast charging cables fast?

As mentioned above, the speed of a charging cable depends on the amount of power the cables can carry. The size of the wire holds an important role in determining the speed of the fast charging cables.  Typically, cables with fast charging technology are thicker and bigger than the regular ones. The big wire allows more current to fill up the batter at the equal size. 0.5A is the standard wire for regular cables while fast charging cables can carry more than 2A.

How to identify fast charging cables

Since all cables don’t have simple features that differentiate them into regular and standard cables, it’s hard to say a regular cable from the fast charging cables. However, there are several ways to identify the fast charging cables as well.

  • Checking the description or label
  • Checking the cable amperage
  • Thicker and bigger cables
  • Buying from certified or official stores

In-a-nutshell, if your gadget can charge quickly, it is important to have a similar adapter to support and optimize the fast charging cables you have. Fast charging cables and fast charging adapter are going hand-in-hand.