The Lab Diamonds and the Essential Usages

Environmental protection and ecological behavior play a major role for us personally. We have been using green electricity for many years, avoid waste and consume as sustainably and environmentally conscious as possible. The protection of environment and social responsibility is an important criterion for us, not only in the private sphere, but of course also in relation to work and products.

Since we often process diamonds in jewelry, it was only a matter of time before we would one day deal with synthetic diamonds. The time has come: present range of jewelry also includes synthetic diamonds.

What are the reasons? Why did we choose to offer synthetic diamonds? Some facts and arguments will help you make a decision if you are interested in such a stone and the right piece of jewelry. All diamond appraisers didn’t take the decision lightly. They believe that synthetic diamonds should not be seen as a substitute for natural stones, but as an interesting, more environmentally friendly and innovative alternative.

Natural or synthetic which is better?

Synthetic diamonds have been around for a long time. Synthetic diamonds were mainly produced as industrial diamonds and used, for example, for electronics or grinding and cutting tools and only produced to a small extent for the jewelry market. However, that has changed in recent years. Today there are more and more laboratories that produce high-quality stones for the jewelry sector. Even De Beers, the largest diamond producer and retailer in the world, now offers jewelry with synthetic diamonds. You can also try the Lab Diamond Engagement Rings now and come up with the best look.

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About quality, price and diamonds as an investment

The quality of synthetic diamonds is very good. This fact in particular should be of particular interest to jewelry makers and the jewelry industry because only about 15 percent of the naturally obtained rough diamonds can be used for the manufacture of jewelry at all, because the quality is usually not sufficient.

Nevertheless, synthetic diamonds were and are very controversial for the jewelry market. It is mainly because synthetic diamonds have the same crystal structure and chemical composition as their natural counterparts. It is therefore very difficult to distinguish between the two types. But the synthetic stones are a lot cheaper than natural diamonds, which of course the providers of the natural variant do not like to see. They argue with value retention or possibly an increase in value with natural diamonds and a loss in value with synthetic diamonds.

In expert opinion, diamonds should never be seen as an investment. Because for diamonds there is no better accessible resale market than for gold, which you can simply sell at the next bank. Who buys diamonds? Their price is determined by supply and demand. Especially in the short term, it is usually very difficult to monetize diamonds again. So that’s not an argument for us. We think that diamonds are bought because they are pleasing and enjoyable. You don’t buy them with the idea of ​​selling them again later, ideally at a profit.

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Diamond mining and manufacturing of synthetic diamonds

The occurrence of natural diamonds is declining worldwide. To date, the mining of the valuable stones has been carried out with great effort. Just think of the huge craters, for example in Botswana, with an unimaginable size of 2400 by 1800 meters and a depth of 430 meters. In the future, the diamond industry will have to dig more and more in places that are more difficult to reach, for example in the Arctic or on the seabed. This is bad for the eco-balance of natural diamonds and drives up the cost of the stones.

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Synthetic diamonds are produced using two different processes: the HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) process and the production using CVD (chemical vapor deposition). In order to generate the appropriate pressure for converting graphite to diamond in the HPHT process during the manufacturing process, a printing press is used a type of plasma reactor that ensures the correct temperature. A seed crystal, a tiny piece of a synthetic or natural diamond, serves as the basis for the synthetic stone. High temperatures, high pressure, a tiny piece of crystal these are precisely the prerequisites for the natural formation of a diamond. The only difference is that this process takes millions of years instead of hours.

The violation of human rights is no longer an argument against natural stones. Global diamond trading has been strictly regulated since the Kimberley Process. This ensures that practically all diamonds come from conflict-free areas of course we have always taken care to use conflict-free stones. Our natural diamonds come from Australia, for example. Human rights violations are usually not an issue with synthetic diamonds anyway.

Understand the argument of a possible loss of value.

An engagement ring, for example, will never be seen as an investment. Emotions play a major role in the purchase, and it will be cherished as a memento for a lifetime. In expert opinion, there will be a rethink in future generations and more attention will be paid to conserving the resources of our earth in the future.

What bothers you about synthetic diamonds is that they are so little known in industry. It is therefore still difficult to distinguish them from natural diamonds. Those who buy jewelry with a synthetic stone can of course be sure that he was well advised and well informed about it, and synthetic diamonds are laser engraved, but what if the knowledge about the stone in the piece of jewelry is lost for example in the event of theft, loss or sale? It opens the door to the dishonest handling of these stones. On the other hand, see the ecological aspects, if you look at the gigantic holes of the diamond mining, in any case as a good argument for such a stone. Synthetic rubies and synthetic Safire were very controversial in the beginning today they are fully accepted and sought after.

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Caring for our earth is very important. That’s why you need to accept that synthetic diamonds are good. That they cost a lot less than the natural variant is also a great argument, especially for young people.