Riding Arena Equipment

Riding arenas, whether they are private or commercial, require a lot of equipment, including maintenance and event or practice equipment.


Wood or plastic jump wings and poles are also typically included in arenas where jumping is practiced. You can find general or custom jumps for sale. These jumps will adhere to the regulations set by those in charge of these competitions. Therefore, if your arena is for commercial purposes or used for competition practices, consider purchasing jumps.

Wood or plastic poles that vary from 4-10 feet may also be used for jumping or riding lessons. Jumping arenas will also need wings and cups as well as jump blocks, and don’t forget event fencing.

Poles and jumps may have unique designs as long as they meet jumping regulations.


Whether your arena services dressage riders, dressage letters may help your riders and trainers with spatial awareness. Also, dressage boards in a home arena help prevent horses from spooking during competitions. These boards can be made at home or purchased depending on your budget.

General Equipment

Every arena should have several pieces of equipment, including a leveler or grader and a way to manage manure, such as a poop scoop or rake and wheel or muck barrow. Specialized school equipment, mirrors, lighting and sprinkler systems may also be included. This equipment ensures that the arena remains clean and safe for the animals and riders. Mounting blocks should also be available for the riders.


Prior to purchasing any equipment, you should designate an area large enough to store it. This area should be outside the gate and may be a designated building or outdoor location where the equipment can be stacked and organized. If you are concerned with keeping your equipment clean and dry and out of the weather, consider a lockable building or develop storage under the arena seating.

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Make sure your arena is well equipped to ensure the arena remains safe and maintained and has everything your riders need for practice and competition.