Light dimmers to go with your different moods

Every home or office needs the perfect lighting for every mood and occasion, and light dimmers are electrical devices designed for such needs. Today, light switches are not just used to light up our rooms but also to brighten our moods.

Though it may sound a bit tech savvy, lights that can change according to our moods and requirements are very popular today.

Here is a detailed guide that explains all about light dimmers.

What are light dimmers?

Dimming light switches are electrical switches used to scale up or down the brightness of light in any room. They are essentially smart devices made to complement your mood.

You can use them while working hard in your study or having a candle-lit dinner in the dining space. You can also use them while reading in your bed. Light dimmers are designed to go with your every mood and need.

The ease of choosing the right kind of light for the right occasion is the most loved feature of light dimmers. They are perfect for upholding the aesthetic of any décor, be it a home or an office.  

How do light dimmers work?

The working principle of light dimmers is simple, and it monitors the flow of electrical current through a circuit, thereby adjusting the degree of luminance.

When the amount of current or power entering a light bulb reduces, the intensity of its light also lowers. In other words, the bulb appears dimmer. Similarly, with the increase in the current supply, the bulbs become brighter.

Different designs of light dimmers:

  1. Rotary dimmers: 

Rotary dimmers come with a knob that is rotated to adjust the light intensity. These are adjusted manually to get every shade of light -dimmest to brightest.

  1. Slide dimmers:

Slide dimmers work with the help of a slide that goes up and down. If you want a dimmer light, you pull down the slide, and on pulling it up, the light becomes brighter.

  1. Toggle dimmers:

These look like regular light switches—the intensity of light toggles or shifts from low to high in no time.

  1. Tap dimmers: 

They are ideal for smart homes. Just tap on the switch to change the light settings, and this tech-savvy feature adds a new edge to your home décor.

Benefits of using light dimmers:

  1.     Provide flexibility to adjust the light intensity according to our mood. If you find the light very bright, you can dim it as low as you want.
  1.     They save up to 25% of electrical energy. Hence, light dimmers are very helpful in cutting down electricity costs.
  1.     Dimmer light switches are easy to install. With help, you can install them in no time.
  1. 4. Increase the longevity of the light bulbs, and light dimmers prevent them from being overused.

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