Is Armored SUV A Good Choice?

Confused between an armored SUV and a car? Well, as a private citizen looking for personal safety or a business that deals in the transportation of high-value items, you will have to make a choice between either of the two options. The decision can be based on the sole purpose of why you need an armored vehicle.

An SUV is always preferable over any other car because after the armoring is done; there will be a good amount of weight attached to the vehicle. SUVs are built in a way that helps them to easily pull off the dead weight; however, the same might get difficult if you opt for a car. You will have to invest in engines that provide the efficiency to haul the extra metal load on the car.

Now, neither the armored SUV nor the car will give you a better mileage as compared to regular vehicles as there is extra pressure on the engine to haul the weight. Also, you might want to note that these vehicles aren’t as swift as you would like them to be. They are bulletproof and heavily armored against attacks, but the armoring on the vehicle is compromised in terms of swiftness and sleekness.

If you are looking for extra legroom, passenger and cargo space then an armored SUV might be the best choice. As it is, when it comes to armoring the vehicle, the size of the vehicle increases and its space decreases internally. Again, your purpose for buying the armored vehicle in the first place will help you decide between the two options.

Armored vehicles are high maintenance and hence it definitely isn’t a one-time investment. Also, as they are quite expensive, you might want to look for the best deals. If it suits your purpose, then you can also buy a used armored vehicle. In this regard, you can find an armored car for sale through various dealers or on the internet and then buy the one that seems the most secure with all the required paperwork, maintenance, and quality checks.

Owning an armored vehicle isn’t uncommon these days, but you must definitely have a well-defined purpose for driving such a bulky vehicle on a regular basis. Especially, if you are a business, and will be transporting items then you might want to look into any permits or licenses required to haul them in such vehicles.