How to Refresh Your Seiko’s Look

Seiko is a Japanese company that, throughout its history, has developed significant advances in watchmaking technology. The world’s first automatic chronograph, the patented Magic-lever system, and the “hybrid” Spring Drive mechanism replace the traditional anchor system with electronic components regulated by a quartz crystal. Most of these cutting-edge techniques are found in the luxury watches of the Grand Seiko collection. To this day, they stand out as the most emblematic of the house, and only a limited number are produced each year. They offer a classic and elegant design with some sporty accents.

In addition to the luxury watches, Seiko also offers numerous quartz watches in its catalog. Whatever type of Seiko you have, sometimes a change does not come amiss. After all, metal bracelets get scratched and watered down with use; leather bracelets don’t work well in wet weather, so if you’re looking for a more youthful and dynamic look, consider the following:

Silicone / Rubber

These two materials are very similar and often confused, but the big difference lies during the manufacturing process. Silicone is a synthetic element, and rubber is the result of synthetic and natural components. A seiko rubber strap is usually more durable, resistant to sweat and saltwater. It is not an elastic material, so it is perceived as solid and can better withstand scratches. Seiko rubber strap is an innovative, state-of-the-art material becoming increasingly popular in the men’s sports watch market. The advantage of silicone is that it is more economical, softer to the touch, and has elasticity compared to rubber. Silicone straps can be cut much more quickly, and because of their synthetic component, all kinds of particles can stick to them more quickly, so they often need to be cleaned to remove these adhesions. However, as silicone belts are more flexible, they can be found in various patterns, simulating a car tire, smooth, flaky surfaces, waves, etc.

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Resin/ plastic

These types of belts are prepared for any use. Any scratches they may suffer go unnoticed and are not easily detected by the naked eye. They are highly corrosive and, therefore, resistant to water in high or low-temperature conditions. They can withstand pulls, falls, and blows that are not made up of links or pieces such as metal bracelets, so breakage is more complicated. That’s why it’s widespread to see that any sports type watch will mainly be made of this material. The most recognized case in the watch industry using this component is the Casio G-Shock line. As a disadvantage, we can say that this bracelet does not allow the skin to breathe correctly and should not be adjusted too much to avoid discomfort.

Textile / Nylon

Sometimes certain watch brands decide that their watches’ protagonist should be the dial and propose fabric or nylon straps of unusual style to give a touch of the street to their collections. They usually have a young audience since their prices are affordable and typically involve a seasonal trend extinguished at the end of the season. They are washable; they turn out to be very safe and extremely comfortable as they adapt well to the wrist’s shape. They bring lightness to the whole watch and what is very easy and economical for any person, to be able to change the strap to make a watch case look like a different piece immediately.

Seiko is not a company that should be discarded when competing with other watchmakers, its tradition is vast, and its future is promising, be bold!

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