How to Dress for Impact, According to Aespa

Impactful is certainly one word that can be used to describe the latest girl group to debut in K-pop, Aespa. With four members, they are poised to be the hottest girl group of this generation, and their debut stage already shows their unmatched stage presence.

If you’ve decided to stan Aespa, you’re probably thinking of how to express your love for them already. One of the best ways to do it is through dressing up in clothes that are inspired by them. But how do you dress for impact ala Aespa?

Play with fabrics

When it comes to K-pop fashion, there is a good balance of loose-fitting clothes and more structured items. In the same vein, there is also a balance of fabrics. To dress for impact, take the status quo of fashion and crush it. Experts say you shouldn’t mix your prints? Do exactly that. Choose two main colors? Go for three. Push the boundaries. Wear tulle with leather? That’s a yes on Aespa’s lookbook, especially if your leather is in a fun, vibrant color. The general rule for impactful outfits is to choose each piece carefully and make sure that, even if they’re all bold and bright, they work together. If you want to dress in pastel, go for all pastels. If you want all black, go ahead and go monochromatic. But let the fabrics have a little fun when you do.

Experiment with colors

If you’re not that comfortable wearing different kinds of fabric in one outfit, that’s okay. You can still experiment with the colors in your ensemble. Think neon green and peaches–fun and carefree, vibrant and ethereal. With Aespa’s unique concept, you’ll want to think outside the box for your outfits. Add pearls to your soft silk dresses, or wear fur with your favorite long necklaces. Keep your hair simple and sleek, or curl them at the ends for an equally unique look. Don’t forget to add a splash of color to your eyelids after wearing your favorite Korean sunscreen Nothing says effortlessly impactful more than beautiful and healthy skin!

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Work on your stage presence

Though they are a rookie group, they’re already turning heads because of their stage presence. Their debut stage and their performances so far show that they’ve trained hard for their debut, and now they are ready for anything. Even in their promotional photos, you see them looking at the camera with that confidence that’s hard to fake. This is something you need to work on, because confidence is the best accessory money can’t buy. You can have all the exact pieces they wear in their stages, but if you don’t have the confidence to match, your outfit will only look awkward. Give yourself some encouraging words, and play Black Mamba in the background to get in the right mood to slay.

Every new group that debuts gets to show off their unique colors and concepts. If you like Aespa’s concept and would like to be as impactful as them, keep these styling tips in mind.