Designing Tips for 4 Meeting Room Setups
One corporate team might work differently from another, which is why one conference room setup can’t suit everyone. Maybe all you’ve bought is a meeting table in Singapore, but you’re not sure how to use it. If you’re setting up your conference room but aren’t sure which style to go for, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four conference room setups to consider, plus some interior designing tips for each one.

Boardroom Style

The boardroom style is probably the first setup to come to mind when someone thinks of a conference room. It consists of a large rectangular table (or several tables pushed together) in the centre of the room, surrounded by chairs. This style is best suited for meetings that focus on open discussions, where everyone has a chance to talk. Also, if you already have a large conference table from Singapore, the rest of the interior design will be easy.

Hollow Square Style

A hollow square style uses four tables to form a square with space in the middle. Someone can go into this space to present an idea or facilitate a discussion. They’ll have easy access to talk directly to every person in the meeting by simply approaching their side of the square. It’s also great for breakout setups, where each team occupies one table. If you have a foldable table in Singapore, it’ll prove helpful when setting up this conference room style. You can buy three more foldable tables and use those for your hollow square conference room. Once the meeting is over, fold the tables back up and store them for later use.
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Auditorium Style

If you’ve ever been to a movie theatre, you have a good idea of what an auditorium-style conference room is. There is a stage for the speaker to occupy, with rows of seats for the audience. There’s often a large screen projected on the wall for any presentations. Open discussion between the audience members is limited, but they can ask questions to the presenter if given the opportunity. An ergonomic office chair from Singapore is the perfect option for auditorium-styled conference rooms. It provides healthy and comfortable seating for the audience while they listen to the speaker.

Banquet Style

A banquet setup is similar to a real-life banquet, with several small tables around the room. While this setup can be helpful for team activities, it can also be for networking sessions where people can move from one table to another and introduce themselves. It can also be a good setup for a break room. Since this style is more laid-back, consider choosing the lounge chair from Singapore as your seating of choice. It can provide comfort for your employees as they converse or refresh themselves. Do you need an office furniture supplier in Singapore? Okamura International can provide you with high-quality and ergonomic office furniture, whether you need to decorate your conference room, break room, or reception area. Browse through their wide selection of furniture by visiting their website today.