About Shapewear Choices

Here comes January, and it can only mean one thing: another new year is upon us. And truth be told, we are pretty happy to bid 2021 and 2020 goodbye. We don’t know about your new year’s plans, but for us, we are kick-starting the new year with enthusiasm, optimism, and more importantly, getting out there with a desire and looking our best while at it.

If the pandemic has brought along a couple of pounds to the scales, don’t you worry. A little wardrobe re-up will do wonders for you and ensure that you start feeling like yourself again no matter the time or what you wear with shapewear.

Shapewear Good For Any Occasion

Shapewear is not only meant to be worn only on special occasions. This new year should be the year you allow shapewear to be in every aspect of your wardrobe. Shapewear is made for every dress, be it ball gowns or little black dresses. It is probably worth mentioning that a lot of women ask the question can you wear shapewear while pregnant, see here to find out.

Are you aware that there is also shapewear made for the gym? Yes, like the likes of high-waisted control briefs and sports bras. They help in giving you support and great shape during your routine workouts. Additionally, shapeweartankini or corsets are worn under your workwear and can give an instant tailored glimpse that you can wear every day to the office. Take a moment and seek all different shapewear, and you will realize there are plenty of options available for every piece of cloth in your wardrobe.

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The Right Size

If you are buying yourself some new shapewear, you need to be very aware of the size trap. It is too tempting to always go for the same size every time you want to treat yourself to new shapewear. Size can be different, depending on the type of garment or the brand manufacturer. Therefore, ensure to look at the measurements on the given shapewear keenly and compare them to other items you know. Ensure you also do that to the ones that you are comfortable wearing to ascertain that you get the right size when they arrive. Take note, if your shapewear is overly stretched out, it might be the right moment for you to get a replacement


If you are first time owner of shapewear, it can be quite frustrating when it comes to washing day. If even if you have worn shapewear before, pay attention because some fundamental things about washing shapewear might have slipped your mind. First things first, don’t over-wash your shapewear. At least ensure to wear it more than three times before washing it. It is advisable to hand wash them, but you can always wash them using a washing machine if you desire. If you are going to use this means of washing, then ensure you put them inside lingerie or a protector bag.

The netted bags allow both water and soap to pass through and get to the shapewear. Additionally, these bags create enough space for the shapewear to move around to drain the dirt but has a protective layer that ensures the shapewear doesn’t snag on anything or get damaged while in the machine. But still, use a gentle circle to push out the best outlook from your shapewear.

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Remember, no matter the circumstances, don’t put them inside a tumble dryer. Just keep them lying flat for them to dry, or still hang them if that is your preferred choice. Lastly, store them in their original shape. It ensures that you prevent them from stretching or not looking fitting when worn.

This sounds like too much work to do, right? We know. But once you go for it, you won’t even feel a twinge.