5 Ultimate Signs You Need To Replace Your Pressure Tanks

Maintaining a steady water pressure is critical, which is why you need pressure tanks to help you out. It means having fully functional pressure tanks is essential to the operation of your well system. Unfortunately, you may not even detect problems and issues with an air pressure tank that easily.

Here are clear indications that you might need new pressure tanks for prevention.

Pumping air when switched on

There is a risk that materials used to construct pressure tanks get corroded, develop fractures or, in some instances, break apart that allows air to enter. Your groundwater may have plummeted to a level where the well pump is pulling in air volume in your pressure tank.

You hear noises and sounds.

The diaphragm in pressure tanks can break or lose air. When this occurs, the pressure switch near the pressure tanks may make a tapping noise that is either steady or quick. It may indicate overwork and low life expectancy on the pump’s motor.

Worn-out pumps

The most prevalent causes of well failure include excessive levels of debris, inability to maintain internal seals and valves, and increased pump demands. You may need to change your dispensing pump or valve with a precision dispensing nozzle for better operation. Make sure your pressure tanks aren’t saturated or overflowing with water as well.

High electricity cost

Your pressure tanks should be helping save more money instead of costing you more. Troubleshooting pressure tanks may become less effective. Since it has been waterlogging, the top chamber is filled with water and frequently cycling or operating at total capacity.

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Low water pressure

Because electric motors power well pumps, low water pressure can be caused by a malfunctioning motor. Check to see whether you turned off your well or the pressure pump’s switch. If no problems arise, you may need to observe your pressure tanks operation.

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