4 Electric Car Charging Tips For New EV Owners

Electric cars are becoming more popular among car owners. As time passes, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more affordable and accessible to the general public. It’s cheap to operate and has cost-saving in maintenance. Not to mention, they have little to no harmful effects on the environment. However, if you’re new to driving electric cars, you need to know about electric car charging.

Unlike driving petrol-powered cars, electric cars have different ways of recharging. Drivers who are switching to EVs will find a noticeable transition from filling up with petrol to plugging the vehicle into a charging station. Here are a few charging tips for new EV owners.

Understand Your Electric Vehicle

If you are new to the world of electric cars, you need to know and understand the ins and outs of EVs, apart from knowing spots for EV charging in Singapore. You need to know the range and charging rate for your electric vehicle. You can gather information by reading the manufacturer’s guidelines or website regarding a specific model of your EV. For example, some EVs can have a max charge rate between 50-60kWh.

Make Planning Ahead

It’s crucial to make a careful plan on your route when travelling with your EV. Ensure to make use of your electric car’s applications and online services, such as mapping and tools, to make sure that your travel goes smoothly. You can also identify any nearby EV charging spots in case there is a need to make any recharges. It will allow you to have a problem-free travelling experience with your EV.

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Explore Charging Options

You can find plenty of EV charging stations in Singapore, which means more abundant options for charging your electric car. Whether you’re in a hurry or planning to travel, you can use charging stations, such as hyper-rapid chargers—which can do faster charges beyond the 10 amp sockets. Exploring different ranges of available charges can make your driving and travel experience more convenient and efficient.

Know the EV Charging Guidelines

As part of owning an electric car also entails what you should do and avoid when charging. You can also test EV high-voltage batteries since it affects the power and efficiency. Another thing you should also be concerned about is overcharging your EV. Since EV batteries use lithium-ion, it’s often best to charge around 75-80% instead of 100% to optimise the car’s battery.

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