3 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Air Guns

Air guns, believe it or not, are not anything new. They have been in use since the 16th century or even earlier. The only difference now is that they are more advanced and more accessible to regular people. Back in the day they were limited to the ‘who is who’ of society across Europe. Even during this time, they were lauded for their power and elegance. Today, they are even more potent and more beautiful. The BSA R10 PCP Air Gun is one of the most impressive air rifles that are available in the market. Sadly, there are some myths and misconceptions about air guns. This article will explore some of them: 

  • Pellets are the same

This is not only a misconstrued idea but also a dangerous misconception. Using the wrong pellets can result in the gun misfiring and causing grievous harm. The truth is that every gun is different and thus will fire differently based on the weight, brand and the shape of pellets that are being using. The best tip that you can take away from this when shopping for a new gun is to test out with a variety of pellets to find the best for your gun. Alternatively, as you pick out your BSA R10 SE Camo Air Rifle from reputable stores like Ronnie Sunshines, you can seek professional guidance on the most ideal pellets for the gun. 

  • Any kind of oil can be used to air guns 

This misconception goes along with a bunch of other maintenance myths. Some people will oil their guns too much and others will not oil them under the impression that pellet guns last an eternity. While they last a while you would not want a gun falling apart or failing to fire because it has not been taken good care of. Get the right oil for your gun. Engine oil can damage your gun, and this is what a lot of people tend to use on their guns. Generally, take good care of your guns. Store them properly and clean appropriately. It would be shame for your BSA R10 PCP air gun to lose its power simply because it was not cared for. However, you also need to know that there are some guns that do not need cleaning while others need regular cleaning. 

  • There are only 3 brands of air guns
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There are so many options out there for you to select from. The BSA brand is unparalleled. A good number of people who use BSA almost always stick with this brand all through. It is a great brand – quality, affordability, and comes in a variety of styles. Whether you want the BSA R10 SE camo air rifle or you would like to get the laminate, you can get these and so much more at online shops like Ronnie Sunshines. 

In Summary 

While there is a plentiful amount of myths and misconstrued ideas on the internet, you should strive to seek reliable experts to guide you in the direction of high-quality guns. Ronnie Sunshines comes highly recommended by several experienced shooters for their reliability and affordability.