Why You Would Choose the Garden Building

The garden building is the successor to the veranda and canopy, but what exactly is a garden building? A garden building is a roof or veranda that is closed on all sides. The sealing can be done with side walls and sliding glass walls or sliding doors. Enjoy every season in the garden building. With a garden building it is really possible to enjoy being outside all year round.

What does your garden building look like? Try it above

Why are you turning the canopy into a garden building? The advantages of a canopy are known. Think of enjoying the outdoors in your own garden regardless of the weather. The garden building takes everything just a step further. In the garden buildings for sale you are completely protected regardless of the weather. It is always sheltered, whether you are looking for shelter from the bad or good weather.

Luxurious feeling of a garden building

The garden building is the most luxurious version of the roof. And because of the possibility to retract the front and side, it is very popular. Because the roof is fully lockable, the terrace becomes a real room where you can enjoy with friends and family, a real outdoor living room. Put together your own garden building. Fill in above your dimensions and follow the simple steps, after assembling a covering, choose side walls and sliding glass walls and your garden building is ready.

Making a garden building out of your roof

What will your garden building look like? You decide this yourself, take a look in the webshop what is possible. You can place a side wall on the side, but also a wedge with sliding glass walls. With this you is already a long way to make your garden building. At the front you can choose beautiful glass sliding walls or electric screens, so you can easily have a self-composed garden building.

  • A garden building can therefore not be used as a conservatory, a conservatory is an extension in the openis connected to your home. A garden building, on the other hand, is against the house, but theopen connection is not continuous. That is, no outbreak of wall or facade that is between the houseand the garden building is sitting. A garden building is a wind and waterproof space where you can spend longer through itcan sit outside during the season, it really is an extension of your garden.You should always ventilate a garden building, with large temperature differences between inside andoutside, temporary condensation may form.
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Last Words

This sometimes looks like leakage. By goodventilation minimizes the risk of condensation.This also depends on the position of the garden and where your garden building is placed, wind direction andsun position also play a role in this. The choice of heating also has an effect on the temporarycondensation.The frames may, if well-founded, be placed on or against the pavement. This isdiscussed with you in advance, if you wish otherwise this will also be included in the assignment. Theframes are standard equipped with 24mm insulating glass, the profiles are not thermally interrupted.