When Your Yard’s a Disaster

When Your Yard’s a Disaster

You don’t really want to admit it, but your neighbors look at your yard and shake their heads. You would do something about it, but the task is a little overwhelming. Where do you even start trying to fix it?

Envision the Results

What do you want your yard to look like? How would you like to use it? Take a look around your neighborhood to see how others use their yards. Are they doing things like playing games, relaxing or entertaining that you wish you could do? Check out some landscape design Palmdale CA project ideas. What strikes your fancy?

Take a break from binge-watching your queue and watch a couple of garden makeover shows. Did you like anything? Were you inspired? Don’t forget to plan for maintenance. Who will keep your yard looking gorgeous once you’re done fixing it up?

Note Your Resources

Look around at your local garden center to see what kinds of plants and hardscape are readily available. Find out if there’s a local garden club. Members of garden clubs often readily share information, insider tricks and sometimes even their overflow plants from their own yards.

Also, note whether the plants you like are labeled “native.” Native plants will thrive in your locale if you provide them with the right light, water and soil. Not sure? Google it. There are native plant directories for every state because your state likes you to plant native instead of non-native species, which can be invasive.

Decide on Who’s Doing What

Is your plan a bit more than you can tackle yourself? If you talked to those garden club people, you already have a resource on how to get your plan enacted. Perhaps the garden club would like to help you, and perhaps they have insider information on who is the best professional landscaper around. You can break down your plan into stages: one part for you to finish yourself, a second for volunteers to help with and a third part for a professional to complete.

While your neighbors still might not like your yard, that’s not really your problem once you’ve put your own stamp on it. It’s your yard. It should work for you and your lifestyle.

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