When selecting furniture for the dining room

The dining room is the place where you get the opportunity to bring the people together, for the family meals or bring in the friends for the get-together. The dining table is also used to set temporary work from home space or to read the favourite book while you have a cup of coffee. The dining room should have multi-functional furniture to accommodate all the varied needs of the people living in the house. Listed below are some of the tips while buying the new furniture for the dining area –

Priority goes to comfort:

Dining chairs should offer comfort for a person to set for a long period. A comfortable chair helps people feel relaxed and at ease. It should have the proper backrest, enough sitting space with the right height to put your foot down comfortably.

Try to use mix and match chairs that look perfect with the dining table. It helps in creating a comfortable and cosy space.

Choose the right table width:

Select the table with the right width depending on the room space availability and the number of people at home. The width of the table should be perfect for table settings with platters of food, table decorations, glassware, and candles on occasional celebrations – all of which will help you to bring people together and create a greater space for conversation across the table.

The rectangular, oval or circular shaped dining table is commonly used dining tables, where circular ones give the classic styling to the room, and the rectangular ones can be used to accommodate more members at a time. For the smaller space, buying extra chairs and using it in other rooms when not needed at the dining area is another tip to save space.

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Furniture height is important:

Furniture height is an important factor that you need to consider while buying for your home dining space. If you get the height of the dining table and chair wrong, it would be very uncomfortable for your loved ones to have food comfortably. It could end up not being used for the comfort factor.

Along with the chairs for the dining table, benches are also placed on one side of the table to give it a stylish look and save space. It adds a touch of freshness to the dining table arrangement.

Choosing the right furniture material:

When durable and high-quality material is chosen, it ensures lesser maintenance in the longer run. Wood tables made from walnut, oak, teak or mahogany are durable and low maintenance one. Whereas the ones with glass tops add décor to the room, are reflective and add a lighter and brighter feel to the room.  Though it is easier to clean, fingerprint stains and chipped edges are common on the glass top tables. Wooden tables can be lacquered and painted, but avoid using furniture polish as it leaves a residue over time. A damp cloth can be used to clean it easily.

Affordability, timeless styling, stability and material are all important while purchasing the right table for your home. It is as simple as to have the feel of comfort you get when you sit at your table and enjoy your time with friends and family.  For more information contact Oak Furniture, because we know we put together a great range of quality furniture for you to choose from.

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