What You Should Expect from an Ultrasound

Lake Nona is a community for the future and that inevitably involves newborn babies for the next generation. All expectant women should get an ultrasound in Lake Nona of their unborn children at least once during their pregnancy.

An ultrasound is a way of imaging that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of a woman’s uterus and unborn child. There are four-dimensional ultrasound images due to advancements in technology that produce real-time images of the unborn child.

There is a lot to learn after an ultrasound but there are also other things an ultrasound cannot tell. The following is what you can expect from an ultrasound:

The Sex of the Child

One of the most common reasons why parents get an ultrasound is to find out the sex of the baby. However, this is usually in the latter stages after the child has started developing sexual organs.

Knowing the sex of the baby is important since parents can start planning for the child’s arrival. There are obviously going to be some differences depending on whether the child is male or female.

Knowing the child’s sex helps the parents decide on several factors such as the name, clothing, and what color to paint the child’s nursery among other things.

The Number of Fetuses

As you know, when an ovary is fertilized, it can split several times resulting in the birth of multiple children. Having an ultrasound is one way of determining how many fetuses are in the mother’s womb.

It is possible to observe multiple fetuses in a uterus as early as during the first trimester of pregnancy. Knowing that there is more than one fetus in the womb is crucial for both the parents and the doctors.

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The manner in which the doctors will handle a single fetus and multiple fetuses is different and knowing the exact number helps substantially. The parents also need to know for planning purposes.

Confirm the Due Date

One of the biggest worries that most parents have is that the child will arrive when they are not yet ready. An ultrasound can help alleviate that worry by showing exactly when the baby will arrive, particularly in the third trimester.

Knowing the baby’s due date is great to give the parents adequate planning for several factors. It also gives them peace of mind which comes from helping them prepare mentally for the big day.

Therefore, if there are any special considerations to be made or if the baby does not arrive around the due date, adequate steps can be taken.

Find any Complications

The final thing you can expect to learn from an ultrasound is if there are any issues with either the mother or the fetus. Issues with both can have serious repercussions and even end in death.

During an ultrasound, you are able to observe the unborn child’s heartbeat and the development of other body parts. You are also able to see if the circulatory system is working fine and if it is growing at the correct rate.

If there are any issues, it is best to find them out early so they can be remedied.