What Is Involved in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation?

There are many people in Las Vegas who suffer from injuries and need a physical therapist and rehabilitation. If so, you should visit one of the excellent centers for physical therapy and rehabilitation in Las Vegas.

No two people’s rehabilitation and physical therapy programs are alike, even if they may suffer from the same injury. They are completely customized to the individual patient as every person will recover differently.

Many people do not know what is involved in physical therapy and rehabilitation before they have to go. I will showcase some of the most important elements of physical therapy and rehabilitation in this article.

They include:

Passive Exercises

When your injury is fresh and you are still fragile and reeling with pain, the physical therapist will most likely start you off with passive exercises. These are exercises that require very little effort and range of motion.

For example, you may start by simply sitting and moving your foot in place if you injured your foot. In some cases, even moving your limb an inch might be a major problem, and that may be your starting point.

Therefore, your passive exercises are meant to create a foundation so you can do harder exercises later.

Strength Exercise

Every physical therapy program will undoubtedly involve some form of strength or resistance training. The reason is that your muscles are very important when you are recovering from a sprain or a fracture.

Muscles offer protection to your bones so that when they are stronger and firmer, they are more able to protect your bones. You also lose a lot of muscle when recovering from a serious injury and you need to build them up again.

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Strength exercise will involve strengthening your entire body or focus on the injured body part. You will probably be doing a mixture of both.

Flexibility Exercises

One thing that will definitely be hampered by an injury is your range of motion. A physical therapist will utilize flexibility exercises to help you regain the mobility in your joints.

In addition to being strong, you also need to be flexible to move correctly. The more flexible you are, the more range of motion you have.

Flexibility exercises at the physical therapist’s office will include a lot of stretching. You will also be required to do a lot of stretching on your own if you want to recover fully.

You may perform balance training as part of your physical therapy as well. The more balanced you are, the less your chances of being injured again.

Use of Medical Aids

If you are used to walking upright, using medical aids after an injury can prove quite cumbersome. Therefore, you will need some help learning to use them.

A physical therapist will be very helpful in learning to use medical aids. Using braces, crutches, or even a wheelchair will take time, and the best time to learn is during your recovery.

Some people may be in physical therapy for up to six months. If you are going to be using crutches or splints for much of that time, it would benefit you to learn how to use them well.