What Do Civil Engineers Do?

Have you ever crossed a bridge and wondered who designed it? It can be easy to take the modern infrastructure around you for granted, but sometimes it is good to think about where it came from. When it comes to structures that are part of everyday life, civil engineers are the people to thank. While it is work that touches the lives of everyone, many people are unfamiliar with what this profession does.

What They Do

In addition to designing bridges, civil engineers plan a number of other structures. Any kind of public works such as highways, dams and buildings fall under the planning of this profession. When it comes to frontline work, construction workers are typically the ones who do the actual building, and civil engineers are the ones who oversee the process. Whereas construction workers build, civil engineers plan and implement.

Where They Work

Many businesses employ civil engineers. Most commonly, different levels of government hire professionals from this field of work. You can see them outside of the public sector though. Private construction and landfill companies often seek out the assistance of civil engineering firms northern Virginia for various projects as well.

How They Are 

Being a civil engineer requires having a wide skillset. In addition to having experience with project management, a civil engineer needs to be an excellent problem solver with an understanding of advanced mathematics. Balancing the ability to work alone and to work with others is also essential. Depending on the project, some civil engineers can expect to work on a team while others have jobs that require more independence.


Whether you are curious about who thought of your favorite building, or your company needs someone to help design your next public works project, a civil engineer is the answer. This profession is responsible for creating all sorts of structures that surround you.