What Are The Red Flags Of An Institutional Catering Company?

Catering services are a business service that provides food to remote locations, such as hotels, events places, homes, and offices. There are two primary types of catering services: events catering and institutional catering. Events catering services provide food for occasions, including birthday parties, weddings, and other events. It only happens once. Meanwhile, an institutional caterer provides food to an institution daily. Examples are hospital food, school cafeteria food, and office canteens. When getting canteen catering services, one must find the right company. You can do it by watching out for these red flags:


Generally, institutions work with industrial catering services daily, so it is only reasonable that the two parties have strong communication. It is a red flag when your catering service does not communicate. They are not reachable when they are needed. They don’t listen to suggestions and recommendations. What if the school needs to alter the menu because there are kids with peanut allergies? How will they communicate with the catering services if they are not reachable?


Did you know that their clients pay more than the food when they hire a catering service? Some pantry management services have hidden fees, such as the trash fee! On the other hand, the rental fee charges the client for linens, extra chairs and tables, and cutlery. A reliable catering service will explain the breakdown of your bill. They are transparent, and you can always ask questions regarding your bill.
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Staff training is crucial in industrial catering services. After all, they will be handling the food. They should know how to store the ingredients properly and prepare them carefully to prevent cross-contamination. Besides food preparation, the staff should also know how to serve the guests. After all, the staff’s service gives the impression to the special guests. They should be able to address the needs of the visitors and serve them with a smile. You can ask the catering company about their staff’s training and experience, as well as the food preparation standards they implement.


It is a giant red flag if the catering service refuses to give written contracts and agreements and insists on verbal agreements. To begin with, verbal agreements are not as strong as written agreements when submitted for investigation. What if someone was food poisoned? How will you prove that you hired this specific catering service? Every business transaction should have documentation. A reliable catering service is not afraid to sign a contract or agreement.


Never trust an institution catering service with a disorganised website. Contact information is the most basic component of a business website. It is a red flag if the website lacks contact information, address, and email. Another red flag is if the website does not give quotes and lacks a portfolio. You can also check the reviews to ensure the catering has amazing service. Watch out for these red flags! Ignoring them leads you to poor and terrible catering service. Pro*3 Catering is one of the best industrial catering services in the country. Visit Pro*3 Catering today.