What are the Essential Ingredients to Look for in Dog Food?

The number of pet dogs in India is estimated to reach 31 million by 2023, from 19.5 million in 2018. This comes as no surprise, given that dogs are our best friends. But we often feed them something out of love that can be harmful to them. In the same way, we often overlook some ingredients that are essential to keep our fur babies healthy. So, the next time you search for dog food online, make sure you look for the following ingredients in the dog food.

Cereals and Cereal Products

Cereals like wheat, rice bran and corn provide your dog with many nutrients essential for their health, including carbohydrates for energy. Dogs are able to easily digest carbohydrates since they are omnivorous. In addition, the fat and protein in cereals helps the dog maintain a healthy skin, coat and immune system. Just like in humans, cereals in dog food also contain fibre to support the dog’s digestive health. So, it makes cereals and cereal products a must when you’re looking for dog food online.

Chicken and Chicken Products

Chicken is considered perfect for your “pawsome” friend as it is a rich source of protein. Experts recommend that 23% of a dog’s diet should comprise of protein. The protein in chicken helps your dog in building lean muscles and recovering after heavy exercise or play. It provides amino acids to maintain bone health and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

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Vitamins and Minerals

Don’t choose dog food based on dog food price alone. Check for vitamins and minerals in the ingredients. Vitamins and minerals are essential to build immunity and help dogs achieve vitality. A lack of vitamins or minerals can cause various health problems, including an upset stomach. Vitamins and minerals strengthen the bones and teeth, support healthy muscles and tissues, and provide overall energy. They also promote brain, kidney, eye and liver health.

Soluble Fibre

Your dog requires around 6% crude fibre in its diet for a healthy life. Soluble fibres create gases by fermentation in the colon. This works as a great resource for the dog’s digestive system. Fibres also release fatty acids in the dog’s stomach that prevent the bad bacteria from breeding in their stomach and intestines. Dog food rich in fibre can also ensure a healthy weight and prevent blood sugar levels from spiking.

Fish Protein

Dog foods that contain fish skins provide high-quality proteins, oils and fats. The fish skins are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve the dog’s heart, eye, brain, skin and joint health. The protein in fish helps support strong muscles, while the amino acids play an important role in ensuring optimal bodily functions.

Milk Solids

Milk and dairy products are rich in protein, calcium, potassium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, zinc and other nutrients. Many dogs tend to develop an upset stomach when given milk directly. This can be avoided by ensuring the presence of milk solids in dog food.

So, go ahead and order dog food online after checking for all the essential ingredients. And forget to take out time to spend quality time with your four-legged friend everyday.

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