Webtoons for history buffs

Webtoons for history buffs – Series that explore real events

The rich tapestry of historical events, characters, and narratives has always fascinated us. And now, webtoons are offering a unique and captivating way for history buffs to delve into the past. These webtoons bring real events to life, combining historical accuracy with stunning artwork and engaging storytelling.

The Pale Horse

“The Pale Horse” is a webtoon that transports readers to ancient Egypt, specifically during the reign of the pharaohs. An embalmer named Xerxes is drawn into a dangerous conspiracy surrounding the death of a powerful nobleman. As Xerxes navigates through the treacherous world of ancient Egypt, readers are treated to a rich and immersive portrayal of the period, with attention to historical details and cultural nuances.

The Great Khan

This webtoon offers a thrilling and historically accurate account of the Mongol Empire’s rise to power. Through the eyes of various characters, readers witness the sweeping landscapes, epic battles, and political intrigue that shaped the Mongol Empire. “The Great Khan” takes history buffs on a fascinating journey through Genghis Khan’s life and legacy.

The Red King

“The Red King” takes readers to medieval Europe during the time of the Crusades. Young knight Richard is embroiled in a conflict between Christians and Muslims in this webtoon. As Richard grapples with his beliefs and experiences the horrors of war, readers gain insights into the complex religious and political dynamics of the Crusades. “The Red King” presents a fascinating insight into a turbulent era in history.

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Yi Soon Shin – Warrior and Defender

Warrior and Defender” is a webtoon that recounts the heroic exploits of Admiral Yi Soon Shin, a revered figure in Korean history. Admiral Yi led the Korean navy during the Imjin War, successfully defending the country against Japanese invasion. Through meticulous research and attention to historical accuracy, 뉴토끼 webtoon brings to life the bravery, strategy, and naval battles that defined this critical period in Korean history.

Requiem of the Crows

Requiem of the Crows is a webtoon set during the French Revolution, providing a gritty and visceral portrayal of the era. An 18th-century French political landscape is portrayed through the eyes of a group of revolutionaries. Through their struggles and sacrifices, readers gain a deep understanding of the social inequality, political upheaval, and the clash between different factions that characterized the French Revolution.

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost is a webtoon that draws inspiration from a Korean urban legend. The legend revolves around a haunted neighborhood in Seoul and has gained widespread attention in Korean culture. The webtoon adaptation brings the chilling tale to life, capturing the eerie atmosphere and the sense of dread associated with the haunted location. While not directly based on historical events, “Bongcheon-Dong Ghost” offers a glimpse into Korean folklore and the cultural significance of urban legends.