Understanding Dental Implant Procedure- What to Expect

Tooth loss is a risk we face every day. Unfortunately, human beings grow teeth only twice in a lifetime. This means that teeth cannot regenerate after coming off. The good news is that technology today has made it possible to get tooth implants that resemble and feel like natural teeth. If you need a tooth replacement to restore appearance and confidence, a Boca Raton periodontist is available to help you regain a bright and beautiful smile.

When do they work?

Dental implants are titanium implants placed in the jawbone for the replacement of a missing tooth. The main benefit of implants is that they are made of hard material that will not decay, unlike other replacement options. Dental implants are suitable if you:

  •       Have lost one or more teeth
  •       Want a better option than dentures
  •       Do not smoke
  •       Want to improve speech

The doctor will first assess your mouth to see if your tissues are healthy enough, the jawbone is fully grown, have enough bone to support implants, and do not have a condition that could interfere with healing.

Preparing for the procedure

In your consultation with the dentist, you are supposed to ask any questions to prepare for the procedure. They will also examine you further and take x-rays if necessary. You are so supposed to tell the doctor about any preexisting medical conditions or medications. Some might affect the procedure or the healing process. A heart condition, for example, may require antibiotics before the procedure. Use this session to discuss the anesthesia option you would prefer. Know what you can eat before surgery and arrange for transportation back home if the sedation effect will not have worn off.

The surgery procedure

A dental implant is a process and will be performed in stages. You can expect:

  •       Removal of the damaged tooth in case it has not yet come out.
  •       Preparation of the jawbone for surgery
  •       Placement of the dental implant after the jawbone has healed.
  •       A period for the jaw to heal again
  •       Placement of abutments
  •       Finally, the placement of the artificial tooth.

You have to be patient because the steps will not be completed within one session. It will require you to attend regular appointments while giving your bone time to heal. The final results are excellent and worth the wait.

Recovery after the procedure

After surgery, it is common to experience:

  •       Pain at the site
  •       Mild bleeding
  •       Minor face and gum swelling
  •       Some skin and gum bruising

The dentist will provide you with medications that ease the pain and swelling. However, if you do not notice improvements, consult your doctor. The surgeon will also instruct you on the type of food that is safe after each stage. Mainly, only eat soft foods. After complete healing:

  •       Attend regular teeth cleaning appointments. They are necessary to check on the health of implants and the other teeth.
  •       Avoid tobacco, caffeine, and crushing hard candy with your teeth.
  •       Practice proper oral hygiene. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day.

Dental implants can even serve to replace a whole set of teeth. They are a durable option and feel like natural teeth. Book an appointment today with SEDA Dental to find out if you are a candidate. Say goodbye to missing teeth problems.