TV Show Facts From The 1980s

Did you know that watching nostalgia TV has psychological benefits? That’s right, binging your favorite shows from the 80s is actually good for you! Now you have the perfect excuse.

There’s something so enjoyable about watching TV shows from the past. Maybe because it’s a glimpse into our recent past or we grew up with the characters. Regardless of your reasoning for loving these classics, it’s time to reminisce by looking at some tv show facts from that time.

So sit back and tune in as we return to the 80s with these facts.

  1. Golden Girls Playing Games

Ah, Golden Girls. This show about the ups and downs of your golden years remains popular to this day. Something that you may not have known is that Betty White and Rue McClanahan would pass the time on set playing word games!

Betty White even appeared on the game show Password where she was a fierce competitor. In between takes, both she and Rue would enjoy a (presumably) friendly alphabet game.

  1. The Barney Miller…Movie?

Do you remember the Barney Miller show from the 70s and 80s? They almost made a movie out of this popular series! The show even had the details worked out for a feature film and the news was all over it.

Sadly, it never got made.

  1. Knight Rider Semi-Strangers

Knight Rider was an action crime drama with style. There was a talking computer named K.I.T.T. and David Hasselhoff was the lead.

Well, the actor who did the voice of the computer, William Daniels, and David Hasselhoff never actually met while the show was filming! That’s right, the two were never in the same room.

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They ended up meeting at the Knight Rider’s Christmas party when the show was already popular.

  1. The Almost Jack Tripper

One of the most beloved television shows was Three’s Company. While you may know John Ritter as the klutzy Jack Tripper, did you know that Billy Crystal auditioned for the role? It makes sense, they were both the same age at the time and had the same level of success.

  1. The House Not From Bel-air

One of the best tv shows from the 80s was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Who could forget that beautiful large home that belonged to Will’s uncle? Well, unfortunately, it was too expensive to film there so they never actually shot at that location…

Well, one shot was filmed there, when Jazz gets thrown out of the house.

Time to Revisit the Classics With TV Show Facts

If you aren’t aware of the benefits that come from watching vintage tv and films, you better take a look. There’s something oddly comforting about kicking back and putting on a show you used to love. Maybe even looking out for a new show enjoy.

With so much going on at the time, fun tv show facts occurred on pretty much every production of your favorite 1980s shows. That’s why there are so many facts floating around! Read up on as many as you can so you can show off during the next classic tv show trivia.

If you enjoyed these facts, you’re gonna love the rest of our blog! Be sure to check it out.

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