Top-Tier, Comprehensive Skin Cancer Care with Melanoma Specialist in Maryland & Northern Virginia

Top-Tier, Comprehensive Skin Cancer Care with Melanoma Specialist in Maryland & Northern Virginia

Melanoma is an uncommon type of skin cancer that accounts for around 1% of all skin cancers. However, it is becoming more common! If you think you have melanoma, depend on the skin cancer experts at Ali Hendi, MD’s office in Chevy Chase, MD. Ali Hendi, MD, and Joy Green, PA-C, are board-certified dermatologists who specialize in skin cancer diagnosis and surgery. They are committed to serving the Washington, DC/DMV, and the neighboring areas. For a Chevy Chase melanoma evaluation, contact the practice by mobile or request an appointment online today.

What Exactly Is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that starts in the melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells responsible for the tan or brown color of your skin. Melanoma develops as these cells expand out of balance.

Melanoma risk rises with age, as many individuals with this form of skin cancer are detected at 65 years on average. Although males are more likely to develop melanoma, females have a greater risk of melanoma before 50 years. Nevertheless, melanoma can strike at any age.

Melanoma is an especially risky type of skin cancer since it is more probable than other skin cancers to extend to other body areas. Early detection and treatment can help prevent the progression of this condition.

Where Do Melanomas Develop?

Melanomas can appear anywhere on the body. Men are more probable to have melanomas on their back or chest, whereas women are more likely to have them on their thighs.

Because melanomas can appear anywhere on your body, you can also find them in your eyes, genitals, and mouth. However, melanoma in one of these regions is uncommon.

How Do Melanomas Appear?

Melanomas may appear as a new spot on the skin or as a spot, which has altered in size, shape, or color. These forms of skin cancer may also leave you with odd patches or spots that do not look like any other skin growth.

If you note any of these spots on your face, make an appointment with Ali Hendi, MD, to have it examined by a skin cancer expert. Since it is hard to distinguish a noncancerous development from melanoma, show your doctor any mole you are concerned about.

What is the Treatment for Melanoma Skin Cancer?

Ali Hendi, MD’s skin cancer experts, customize your care based on the level of your skin cancer, as well as other factors. Melanomas in the early stages are often addressed with surgery to correct cancer. For more progressed melanomas, you can necessitate surgery as well as other treatments.

According to recent research, Mohs surgery combined with special stains known as IHC results in a 99.5 percent cure rate for melanoma in the early stage. In the Washington, DC metro region, Ali Hendi, MD, is the only facility with modern laboratory services and the expertise to conduct safe, effective Mohs surgery on melanoma.

The staff explains your options at Ali Hendi, MD’s office. They will reply to all of your concerns and assist you in choosing the most suitable treatment for your skin cancer.

Ali Hendi, MD’s highly qualified physicians provide professional skin cancer monitoring, diagnosis, and care. The specialists pride themselves on providing compassionate care to patients. Contact the office of Ali Hendi, MD, today to get your skin tested for cancer or schedule a consultation with a skin cancer expert if you suspect you have melanoma.

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