Tips for Choosing a Septic Company

Millions of people in rural and suburban areas use septic systems to clean their wastewater. However, septic systems require regular maintenance, inspections and pumping. Therefore, anyone with a septic system should have a reputable septic company. However, finding a great company requires more than searching “septic tank Orlando.”


Your friends, family members and neighbors are great resources for septic company referrals. Because one-third of households depend on septic systems, many of these individuals will have experience with various septic companies. Therefore, gather names from your network.

You may also check the Better Business Bureau, your local chamber of commerce and online reviews to determine the company’s reputation and outstanding complaints. You want a company that is known for its service quality and professionalism.


Plumbing and septic companies require licensing. Once you have your list of septic companies, check with the state or company to ensure they are fully licensed. Ask the company if their workers are licensed as well.

In addition, your company should carry liability insurance in case its employees damage your property during tank maintenance. The company should also carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect its employees.

Call or Meeting

Contact your prospective companies. Focus on their experience. You want someone with experience in your area because soil type has an impact on both the system you choose and its installation or maintenance. In addition, ask about the employees’ training. Does the company offer additional training to its employees?

Pay attention to how you are treated on the phone. Did the person ask you detailed questions about your system or needs? Was the person distracted, or did you have to repeat yourself? Did you feel rushed, or were you able to have a friendly conversation? Your observations on the phone or during an in-person meeting will show you what type of company you are working with.

Although you may be experiencing a septic emergency, take the time to hire a reputable septic company to avoid making the problem worse.