The Things You Should Avoid WhileFilter Cleaning

You do not wish to harm your health spa or filter(s) when you clean them, so we have actually put together a list of points that you must refrain while carrying out filter cleaning.

  • Do Not Utilize Bleach

Bleach may be wonderful for cleaning about your residence; however, it is terrible for your filter(s). It will lighten them, yet the bleach will harm the fibers in the filter, damaging them down, as well as considerably decreasing the life of the filter.

  • Do Not House Cleaning company

Similar to the beach, household cleaners are wonderful for cleaning, but you will want to prevent using them. They might be safer than bleach, but the foam residual when you most likely to utilize your spa can be a problem. Better to be secure than sorry.

  • Do Not Make Use of a Dishwasher

You may be able to fit a filter in the dishwasher; however, we do not advise putting them in there. The dishwasher’s sturdy laundry might be more than the filter can handle as well as it can damage the fibers in the filter and decrease the quality of the filter.

Exception: There is one exception to the dishwashing machine guideline, which is the Warm Spring Tri-X Filters. Since they are made from a harder, ceramic-like product, you can put them in the dishwashing machine. Nevertheless, you ought to never utilize soap, as well as transform them completely dry.


  • Purchase a spare set of spa filter(s). While you are cleaning one set, the other can be used in the spa.
  • If you have greater than one filter, as well as one of the filters is devoted to a 24 flow pump, like the tires on your auto, routinely revolve the filters to ensure that the filter that is on the 24 flow pump does not break quicker than the other filter(s).
  • If there is a bow around the filter at the time of the acquisition, do not eliminate this. It will secure your filter as well as maintain a longer life if it is maintained in place.
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