The Real secret of attraction- Making the law of attraction work for you

The Real secret of attraction- Making the law of attraction work for you

It is common for you to come across certain people for whom things seem to happen exactly as they envisage. It goes on so smoothly that you wonder if you were the chosen one to live in pain while others are blessed with abundant happiness.  This is not the truth. Like all other individuals, you were also made to live happily. But somewhere in the course of your life you seemed to have lost control of your life and ceased to attract success which is responsible for the painful situation you are in at present.  Reinforce your belief in the law of attraction to invite success into your life all over again.

What is law of attraction?

The law of attraction is nothing but the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. It is indeed considered as one of the laws that govern the universe. Though it is considered as pseudoscience by some,  the law of attraction is believed to be the power of the mind to convert our thoughts into reality. What you think manifests is the central theme of laws of attraction. You can also put it this way. If you focus on negative thoughts and doom, you are pushed into a state of inactivity, which in turn would make the scenario worse. Whereas, when you have positive thoughts, you tend to focus on goals that you wish to achieve. This propels you into action and it would turn to help you to find ways to achieve goals by way of engaging in massive action.

How can you make laws of attraction work for you?

The law of attraction is based on the principle that whatever you desire and focus on in your mind’s eye comes to you.  But sadly, there are not many people who know what they desire in life.  They hold certain vague things in their mind and consider it as a desire. The fact is that for the laws of attraction to work in your favor, you must have things that you truly desire in your mind and also believe that the desires would be manifested. This will bring about great changes in your life. Therefore, the steps in making the law of attraction work for you include

Learning what you truly desire- You must take stock of your thoughts buried deep within. You would then be able to understand what you truly desire. Onceyou realize it, you should make sure that the desire is specific. This would go a long way in putting images and emotions into your mind which is very important to make the law of attraction come alive. For example, if having a car is what you truly desire, the better way is to make the desire specific by imagining the brand and color of the car and even you driving the car. This would make the law of attraction come alive

Believing-  The belief that the desires would manifest is very important.  This does not happen easily. Most often you will find that doubt would creep into your mind. you can strengthen your belief by asking for something small and see it manifest.

Visualization–  Visualization can make manifestation quicker.  Your mind would be infused with images of your desire and the picture in your mind would come to you.

Letting go– It is also important to set your desire in motion and go ahead with your activities always believing that it is coming.  You should not hold on tight to the desire hoping day in and day out for it to manifest.  The best example to explain it is- if you are holding a butterfly, if you hold it too tight you would kill it. However, if you hold it light it would be able to breathe and enjoy life even if you hold it.

Practicing gratitude– When you are grateful for everything you receive in life, you would be infusing positive energy. Practice gratitude with passion, positivity, and love it would ensure that more desires manifest in your life.

Using the law of attractions can help you acquire money and wealth, selfconfidence, love and relationships, success and abundance.  Desire and believe in the law of attraction it surely would work wonders in your life.








Daniel Pauly