The 5 Best, Different Wine Types As A Gift For Your Bridesmaids

For all the ladies who helped keep the bridezilla in check, showered you with all the love, care, and support all throughout those crucial months of preparation, and stuck with you from the beginning all the way to the big day, you would want to give them nothing less than what they deserve. Wine as a gift has got to be one of the most thoughtful, memorable, unique, and adorable things you can give them that they’ll love. What better way to reward your sommelier bridesmaids and girlfriends than a bottle of sweet, red or white wine? Before heading to a wine cellar in Singapore, here are a few recommendations you may want to consider!


Giving chardonnay wine as a gift may have been the popular and go-to choice for everyone who loves white wine in the market. It boasts a vibrant, dry flavour that many guests enjoy over special occasions, events, and gatherings.


In terms of popularity and preferences, this wine has been one of the usual bottles you will see in a wine connoisseur’s storage of wine or wine cellar. Cabernet Sauvignon is the red wine equal to chardonnay, but bodied with more savoury, crisp flavours than the first one. The best way to indulge this is with firm cheeses, tomahawk, beef, and lamb.


If your wedding bridesmaids or girlies are more into fruity, sweet red wine, you can hand them pinot noir wine as a gift. It comes in a fruity flavour with a hint of a low-tannin finish. The best way to gift this to your girlfriends is with a thank you note to show appreciation and thoughtfulness.
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Now, if you know someone who prefers rich white wine with a dry taste and aggressive citrus-driven flavour, a sauvignon blanc should be the one you’re getting in a wine cellar in Singapore. Giving a bottle of this wine as a gift is perfect, unique, and ideal for any special occasion.


Among all the first four, this one has the lightest and sweetest flavour. Giving this white wine as a gift is the best bet for women who prefer sweet wine to those with dry variety. If you have a friend who is just building her own storage of wine bottles, a Riesling should be one of their must-haves for their collection. If you’re worried sick about the alcohol tax in Singapore, worry no more! You can talk to Singapore Wine Vault about it. Visit their website to enquire today.