Spending the winter in Tenerife- the fun part 

Are you thinking about spending the winter in some corner of the earth that will be the most pleasant for you? Tenerife, Spain has always been the bull’s eye for travelers; the place has got the best of sunny skies, and enjoyable ambiance. When asked about their experience, they said that Tenerife as a destination calls them from miles and there are some factors why the place is considered irresistible.

  1. Year-round sunshine:  Tenerife is a place where the sun shines throughout the year without a condition. January is the coldest time where the highest temperature is 17 degrees Celsius. The lowest will be 14 degrees Celsius. December is the wettest month, records six days of rainfall at the maximum. 
  2. Accessible from anywhere in the world: Spain is accessible from the USA, UK, Asia, and parts of Africa. Flights are widely available and you will get options for cheap flight if booked at least six months in advance. Known as a popular winter destination there can be many activities which you can plan and accomplish. 
  3. Affordable:  Spain is quite affordable as a destination. Lots of travelers love visiting Spain for quenching their adventure spree. People travel till Gibraltar and climb the giant rock. Tenerife is quite economic and a holiday package of 1300 £ allows you to travel ten days and eight destinations. 
  4. Gorgeous beaches: The beaches are gorgeous with white sand along. In fact, if you come in the peak hours, you’ll find all umbrellas, spades, kids, men, and women. People can’t miss the opportunity of enjoying the warmest sun and sand at the coastline of Spain. You’ll find beach houses, resorts where you can spend the night.  Book great accommodation quite beforehand, and you will love exploring beautiful places. Watch the sun rising, setting, and something more; let your camera tell beautiful photo poetry. 
  5. Island that’s worth exploring: going around Tenerife is a fun thing; hiring a taxi is cheap and would cost around 50£ for a week. Your entire family can enjoy a ride and see the various hidden gems on the island. If you plan for a night stay, arrange a barbeque, and make your trip a memorable one. Driving along the coast of Tenerife will be a lifelong, pleasant memory.
  6. Exciting waterparks:  Enjoy the Siam waterpark, which is one of the best of its kind in the world. The aquatic theme has various roller coaster and exciting rides operating, having a beautiful lagoon, all of which can make you feel this is just next to the Maldives.
  7. Dolphin and Whale watching: The best thing to do in Tenerife is watching dolphins and whales, during the winter season. Place your binoculars in position and you’ll see the tail of a whale or the triangular-shaped mouth of the dolphin protrude out of the water. It’s fun watching these beautiful aquatic animals.
  8. Visit Masca village:  You may enjoy a scenic village near Tenerife, Masca village. You will love the meandering paths and the jaw-dropping moments that make it much more exhilarating.  Observe the landscape down; don’t miss taking a panoramic photo. 
  9. Teide National park:  This national park is worth visiting, and you’ll find deserted landscapes, volcanoes, craters, petrified lavas, and many more. You can’t simply resist observing the various geographical variations; you can take the cable car that leads to the highest peak in Spain. 
  10. A place with so much diversity: Tenerife is a place having diversity in a single geographical location. You will see beaches, national parks, ethnic villages, and also man-made water parks. Quench your adventure spree here by either trekking, swimming, painting, cooking, or lazing beside the beaches. You will love to explore the simple place with simple people and will simply count on your days, making a wish to revisit. 
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 If you are planning to visit this awesome place, opt for a long term lettings of homes here. Choose the home of your choice, and make sure you spend quality time in Tenerife. There’s so much to see and explore which cannot be done in a short period of time. A six month to a year of sabbatical is good enough to see places and do those that you never felt could achieve.