Smart lock – things to consider before installing one for your house

The innovative smart lock is revolutionising the conventional locking system, transforming it into a keyless door lock, a specialty of local locksmiths in Leeds. This advanced technology facilitates easier locking and unlocking, either through a touchscreen code or a mobile app, a feature readily available through Leeds locksmith services.

Smart locks, a prominent offering by locksmiths near Leeds, provide exceptional convenience, particularly beneficial when your hands are full. They make unlocking effortless, a feature highly sought after in emergency locksmith services near Leeds. Notably, these smart locks, often installed by a 24-hour locksmith Leeds, are connected to your home’s Wi-Fi.

The functionality of smart locks, a key service of locksmiths close to Leeds, relies on battery power. These batteries are essential for powering wireless chips, LED lights, and the motor that locks and unlocks the door, a common task for a locksmith near me in Leeds. The motor within the smart lock, a crucial component handled by Leeds locksmiths, consumes a significant amount of power from the batteries to extend or retract the deadbolt.

Local locksmiths in Leeds often emphasise the low-maintenance nature of smart locks, making them a popular choice for those seeking a locksmith in Leeds. The locksmiths in Leeds are skilled in installing and maintaining these advanced security solutions, ensuring ease of access and security for your home. Whether you’re looking for an emergency locksmith near me in Leeds or a Leeds locksmith for routine upgrades, smart locks represent the cutting-edge of home security, expertly handled by Leeds locksmiths.

Things to consider when installing the smart lock

The door should close properly

Most of the older house doors are slightly misaligned. And this leads to not closing properly, or need to push the door slightly to lock the door. In such a scenario, the first thing to do is to ensure that the door closes properly before installing the smart lock. Hiring a professional locksmith to fix the misaligned door is the best way to fix the issue quickly.


For remote locking and unlocking of the door, the deadbolt will need to be extended and retract freely on its own. It should not get caught on anything else. Else, the smart lock will jam up and result in not working properly.

Thumb turn plates in the smart locks

The thumb turn in the traditional deadbolt does not take up additional space and it is unobtrusive. But the electronic built-in smart lock makes the thumb turn mechanism to be bigger than the traditional lock. And if the door has trim or decoration close to the lock, the fitting of smart lock will not be proper. If there is enough room around the lock, the smart lock will fit comfortably.

Check for the additional functionality of the smart lock

The smart lock is now customised with smart technology that allows the user to open the lock with the smartphone in person or remotely. It can also be used to monitor usages through alerts.

The locking mechanism of the smart lock is much similar to the traditional electronic locks. The upgraded technology adds additional functionality such as the unlocking the door from anywhere in the world through an app installed in the smartphone. There are smart locks that allow programming the lock to automatically open when a person with an enabled smartphone enters the defined zone, or lock the door when the smartphone leaves the building.

At Lardner Locksmiths, we offer a range of digital Lardner locks options to our customers throughout Croydon. Out digital door locks offer the low cost, easy to install security solution for buildings that require a reliable means of access control. The keyless way to enter business premises, homes & schools without the need for always having to carry a set of keys ensures the stress-free solution to our hectic lifestyle.

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