Small bedroom storage ideas

Getting stressed with the limited storage facility in your small bedroom? The best trick is to get creative with how you can store your belongings. There are tons of ways that you can use your limited space to store all your things.

At Studio 54 Fitted Bedrooms at Glasgow, we ensure that we have furniture that perfectly matches and fits your bedroom and makes the best decorative one that complements your creativity. Check out the smartest ways to utilize the smaller space in your fitted bedroom to store all your stuff comfortably and not make you too cramped.

Under-bed space storage

One of the smartest and easiest ways to add a great amount of storage space in your bedroom is under the bed space. You may purchase the new storage bed, create an under the bed storage solution or use the storage container to store the things under your bed.

Organised dresser

Use the folding and drawer dividers. Ensure that you have made space to store every item in the dresser that you can comfortably grab when needed. Extreme storage methods such as vacuum packing of the out of the season clothing, bedsheets and blankets are a great way of maximising the storage area.

Use the unused space

Check every corner of your room and identify the unused or underused space. Use the clothing rods, over the door hangers and other storage tools that are available in the market to store your stuff neatly.

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Multipurpose furniture

Using multipurpose furniture such as the storage cabinets, floating drawer, ottoman with storage can double the storage space in the bedroom. Check for all means of using the furniture for storage, and try to fit the storage in every spot that you can.

Wardrobe wall

Installing the shallow wardrobes on a whole wall will create a stylish look to the bedroom. And the entire wardrobe adds as the storage area to store most of your essentials. It also avoids the need for space to store the bulky piece of solo furniture that take even more space than the wardrobe. And the trick is to use the light coloured wardrobe will help you make the room bigger.

Use the space behind the door

There are tons of ideas on how to use the back of the door space to be used as extra storage space and not make the room look cluttered. It is the most invisible space in the room when someone peeps in or leave the door open. 

Layered shelving

One wall of the bedroom can be used as layered shelving to store things such as books, accessories, blankets, photo frames, and more. 

Wall-mounted nightstand

Leaving the space open on the floor makes the room looks less cluttered. A great addition to the small bedroom is using the small wall mounted in a corner to store the night essentials such as water bottle, your reading glass and the book.

Wall-mounted desk

Free up the floor space by using the wall mounted floating desk. You may even fold it up when not in use.

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At studio Fitted Bedrooms in Glasgow, we have the widest range of all the essential furniture for your bedroom. We understand that everybody has different taste and needs and we are positive that you will surely find the best-suited piece of furniture for your bedroom.