Several Important Tips When You Want To Buy A Multi Plug Extension Cord

A multi plug extension cord is very important so that you can plug your device to get power from the electricity. You can choose a multiple multi plug extension cord with many plugs.

Nowadays, there are so many brands that manufacture multi plug extension cords. But, you should choose the best one so that it can be used safely. Always stick with reliable stores in Sri Lanka such as or BestBargains for high quality multi plug extension cords in Sri Lanka with proper safety standards and warranty.

Anyway, if you want to buy a multi plug extension cord, you can check the following tips.

  1. Choose the best multi plug extension cord brand

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the brand of the multi plug extension cord. Certainly, the brand multi plug extension cord is the identity of the plug manufacturer. And a good manufacturer will always maintain the quality of its products.

You can choose a multi plug extension cord brand that has been popular in your country. You can also see the multi plug extension cord ad on TV so you can make sure that it is good.

  1. Consider the case thickness

If you have found the best brand from several multi plug extension cord brands that you have chosen, then the next step is to look at the thickness of the casing. What does casing mean?

That is the part of the body that encloses the electrical conductor inside. Usually, the material from the casing of this socket terminal is plastic. Whether it’s PVC plastic, mixed plastic, and others. The function of the plastic that wraps the electrical conductor from the socket terminal is none other than an insulator.

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So later this part will protect people from electric shocks when someone plugs in. So, if the plastic material that is made is thin and not good, of course, there will be an electric leak.

In choosing a good case, you can simply test it with a flick of your finger. Thick plastic doesn’t sound loud. Because the thickness of the plastic is also a sound absorber, the resulting knocking sound is not loud. And if you can see it with the naked eye and also you can see how the quality of a strong and thick plastic looks like.

  1. Consider the length of the cable

For the third point, you must know how long the multi plug extension cord cable you need and the type of copper. How to choose the right cable for your multi plug extension cord?

Well, you can measure the location of the main socket in your house with the position of the multi plug extension cord that you will put later. Try to buy a cable with a length that exceeds your estimated needs. Because to avoid bending or elbows from the gap in the house which can also reduce the reach of the cable later.

  1. Choose the right conductor material

For the fourth point, this is a bit difficult. So it’s better to just ask the seller. The conductor material is copper or mixed. Make sure you buy an electrically conducting material made of copper. Because copper is the best material for conducting electricity. And besides being made of pure copper or at least more copper, there are other factors that you need to pay attention to.

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This factor is the thickness of the conductor. Now if it’s thick, of course, it will be able to clamp the power plug firmly and not loosen easily. So to test this you can test it by plugging the power plug in the hole.