Secrets to Make Fussy Eater Enjoy Food

Getting the fussy eaters to enjoy food is something most parents think to be a myth. But to be honest, fussy eaters can be made to eat and enjoy almost everything that they are served if you know the right techniques. While parents might not be a culinary school graduate, we have compiled the list of all the secrets that would actually ignite the interest of a fussy eater to eat.

Fussy eating is part of a kid’s development and while there is absolutely nothing that you can stop it, you can always try to make things easier and simpler for them. Here are ways on how to ace it like a pro mom!

Let Out Some Liberty with Food for Your Fussy Eater

It is an excellent idea to get your child’s demand for independence when choosing food supported. You are free to introduce healthy food recipes for fussy eaters. But allow your children to decide how much they are willing to eat. You can also try allowing your kid to make food choices within a range of healthy options. Limit your options to 3-4, to prevent them from getting confused or overwhelmed.

Another pro tip is asking involvement from your kids to prepare family meals. For instance, your child can help you out with:

  • Washing the veggies and fruits
  • Picking the recipes
  • Tossing the salad
  • Taking the food out from the fridge

They will be more than happy to help you with meal preparation.

Introducing New Recipes to Fussy Eaters

If you are survived with a fussy eater who dislikes trying new foods, then some tips might be useful to you.

  • Keep up with the new food offering at different intervals. Your kid would try and would eventually grow their liking towards it. But they might have to witness a food appear on their plate at least 12-15 times before they even attempt to try them.
  • Place a small amount of new recipe on the plate along with familiar foods that your kid already loves- for instance, a broccoli piece along with some mashed potatoes. Motivate your child to lick, smell, or touch the new recipes and options.
  • Make their food attractive, by offering them foods of various sizes, shapes, and colors and give them the freedom to choose what they like from the plate.
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Serve Condiments

At times, all your child needs to eat that piece of broccoli is some ranch dressing or sweet potatoes punched with ketchup. Avoid limiting their use of condiments, and eventually, over the years, they might end up choosing the same recipes for fussy eaters sans the condiments.

Stop Allowing Same Food Options at Meals

When you want to stay away from the fuss, it is easy to fall into the traps of peanut butter, potato chips, nuggets, mac and cheese, and jelly. However, in falling that rut, you are simply reiterating the idea that your child doesn’t have to try new recipes. Additionally, they wouldn’t get the nutrients variety that they need.

These well-known secrets are sure to help you make your fussy eater love any food that you serve them with. The tips and secrets are recommended by the pediatricians are guaranteed to give you results. Start trying them now!