Road Trip Safety Tips That You Must Always Adhere To

Getting your car out and being on the road for a few adventurous days was once popular only in foreign lands but it is increasingly getting popular in India as well. While it is fun and exciting, it also means detailed planning and taking care of all safety measures so that the trip does not turn into a nightmare.

If you are amongst those who are getting ready for a multi-day road adventure trip, follow these road trip safety tips for a hassle-free and truly adventurous and fun journey.

Make your vehicle road-ready

This is the first essential thing to do when planning for a road trip. It must be thoroughly checked by a technician and ensured that it is in optimum condition. Whatever service is required like oiling, minor servicing, tire check, oil levels, and various other fluid levels, etc. all must be verified.

Car accidents are notorious for the highest number of accidents and even death around the world. Getting your car thoroughly checked and properly serviced will reduce the chances of any accidents or mishaps significantly.

Procure a comprehensive car insurance

Despite taking all the precautions, you cannot eliminate the risk of an accident and injury and damage to you and your car. It can completely ruin not only your trip but might also equate to a huge financial loss.

You can safeguard against all possible unforeseen misfortunes by procuring a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy to meet all your needs. The market is rich with several car insurance policies, each with its unique benefits. To make them more robust, there are several add-ons covers available as well like the road-side assistance cover, zero depreciation cover, engine and gear-box protection, etc. You can choose any of them and get mentally and financially secure before hitting the road.

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Learn basic car maintenance and repair skills

Even though you are covered for all car repair costs under your car insurance policy; you should still equip yourself with basic car maintenance and car repair skills. Despite getting your car serviced, you might face minor issues like a flat tire, windshield wipers not working, etc. If you know how to change tyres, check and add the windshield wiper blade, brushing the windshield blades, checking the pressure of the tyres, etc. You will not be wasting time waiting for a car mechanic and would be able to enjoy your trip to the optimum.

  • Verify the presence of a road safety emergency kit

Before setting on a road trip, you must always ensure that there is a road safety emergency kit present in the car. They are generally easy to arrange and prove a boon on several occasions during the trip. The kit is all about vital supplies like the flashlight, cell-phone charger, water bottles, few snacks of your choice, first aid box, etc.

Apart from the usual stuff, you must also include a few important things like gloves, jumper cables, duct tapes, tyre sealant, a shovel, rainwear, fire extinguisher, etc. They prove a godsend boon in tackling any hassle arising while on the road.

  • Carry all the required car documents at all times

Whenever you are planning a car road trip; you must be extra careful and ensure that all necessary documents remain in your car at all times. This includes a valid driving license, your car’s registration certificate, valid pollution clear certificate, car insurance policy, your identification proof, etc.

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Their presence would give you a sense of security and being in control while on the road. In a scenario of any unfortunate accident, it would keep your panic at bay and keep you away from hassles of dodging any traffic police or panicking on the face of an accident.

  • Prepare yourself well for the trip

This might look like a no-brainer but it is really astonishing how many people take to road trip on a jiffy. It can certainly take away plenty of pleasures from your trip. Preparing well like loading your GPS with all the required locations, setting up the car’s Bluetooth for calls, making the arrangement of music systems, games, etc. to keep the children entertained, keeping adequate snacks and drinks, etc. will help you have a peaceful and more enjoyable road trip. Also look for 911 house number signs in case you can’t find the desired address, it’s best to rely on these signs rather than maps

  • Pack proper tools

All your training and preparation would go in a vain if your car is not equipped with a few basic tools. For instance, you cannot change a flat tyre without a few basic tools. Thankfully you get this kit available at all car accessories and repair shop at bargain pricing.

Wrapping up

A car trip can be all fun and excitement provided you have taken the right safety measures and prepared well. We hope you found all our tips informing and useful enough to keep them imprinted on your minds.