The Tollywood industry is one of the oldest Indian movie industries. It is famous for the quality of content that it produces every year. The unique screenplay and action and the dialogues in the film make the film a hit. The Tollywood industry is known for the number of movies it produces every year. But, due to the pandemic, when all the industries got shut down, the Tollywood industry got affected. The number of movies that it released got less in number. It was not good news for the fans because they love this industry so much. However, Aha came as a relief for them. It launched an OTT platform that allows the user to watch movies free whenever they like.

It contains several movies to be streamed online, especially all the latest Telugu movies and web series. A movie launched on this platform is Geethanjali.

Geethanjali is an Indian Telugu comedy horror film. The movie was released on 8th August 2014. Raj Kiran has directed this movie. Also, Kona Venkat is the writer and the screenplay director of this film. Kona Venkat, along with MVV Satyanarayana, are the producers for this film. Anjali as Geethanjali and Srinivasa Reddy as Shrinivas are the lead characters in this film. Praveen Lakkaraju has played well with the parts of the music. The cinematography part has been well looked into by Sai Sriram. The budget of the film is Rs. 4 Crore. However, the Box office production came to Rs. 40 Crore in four weeks.

The story of the film revolves around a girl who had committed suicide in an apartment. A filmmaker who recently started living in the apartment faces spiritual actions in the apartment. He finds out many ways to get rid of the spirit. The movie has some great twists and turns which keeps the viewers entertained throughout. It has a unique blend of comedy and thriller at the same time. The lead actress in the film has done a fantastic performance and was appreciated by all the viewers. The cinematography and the background music added a feather to the cap.

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