Japanese automobile company Nissan has one of the most widest and comprehensive varieties of automobiles in the global market ranging from motorcycles to cars and heavy duty machineries. The Nissan Patrol model is just one of them and with it, comes the dire need for maintenance amongst other important services.

At Dubai Tyre shop, we offer a wider range of these services to ensure your driving lifestyle is kept at a high level which will keep your longing for more. Every penny is well spent when buying any of our services, including tire maintenances and fittings.

Speed, load bearing, and other demanding aspects of road travel are been considered here at Dubai Tyre Shop. We are going to be taking a brief look at some of these amazing services and how to get unlimited access to them.

Owner’s manuals

It is important to acquire an owner’s manual for your Nissan Patrol vehicle as this will get you access to unlimited information on keeping your car ready and always on the go! Dubai Tyre Shop has a team of skilled professionals that will make sure you have this covered as well as ensuring safety and precision.

Inspect tires regularly

It is also highly paramount to inspect your car tires from time to time. Despite the oozing quality of the tire ranges at Dubai Tyre Shop, it never hurts to keep an eye on them when you get the chance to. Almost all cases of road accidents are as a result of a bad tire and devising a mental schedule for cross-checking your vehicle tires isn’t at all, a bad idea.

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Repairs & other information…

It is no news that Dubai Tyre Shop also offer sound repair services for all customers as there is a team of highly-trained experts at your beck and call on a 24-hour stand by. They possess just the right amount of knowledge in assisting you in repairing your damaged rim or any other faults in your Nissan vehicle. This is to ensure your safety and to make sure your driving lifestyle is top-notch.

Consult experts

Contact your automobile expert for any information on maintaining your Nissan Patrol vehicle and its tires amongst other aspects to keep your car safe and enjoyable to use at any given time. The basic contact numbers are given below.


Below are the help centre numbers to call for all enquiries including Nissan Patrol tyres care and vehicle maintenance.

. +971 5562 69517 or +971 54420 4322

You can also visit Dubai Tyre shop for other information on your Nissan patrol tyre and any other car tyres in UAE today.