Keeping Your Dog Safe in Summer

Summer is always great when you have a dog, with an endless number of walks and adventures to go on in the beautiful sunshine. It can, however, be a dangerous time for our four-legged friends too as the heat and direct sunlight can cause many problems with their health if not cared for in the very best way. It’s important to get the right balance of keeping your pet happy and healthy, enjoying the gorgeous summer weather and keeping them safe from the heat each day.

Source: The Dogington Post

Beat the Heat

Just like humans, dogs need to be able to enjoy the sunny weather without the heat affecting them in a negative way, so it’s beneficial to think of all the different ways in which you can help to beat the heat. When your dog is in the garden, it’s easy to provide them a spot of shade, away from the direct sunlight, as well as adding a nice cool paddling pool for them to swim around in and cool down. Similarly, when you’re out and about you should ensure your dog has plenty of water, along with a cool mat or cool collar to help keep them cool when on the go.

Health Considerations

Warmer conditions can result in many pests and insects appearing all over the place, which can be a risk for your dog. By ensuring your dog has up to date vaccinations, protecting them from any unwanted diseases they could pick up when out and about, as well as making sure they are treated for fleas and ticks, you can keep your dog healthy and have comfort in the fact that they’re protected from potential risk. You should also make sure your dog is kept away from poisonous plants and gardening chemicals that may be used throughout the summer months, as this could cause internal harm to your dog and result in an unwanted trip to the vet.

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Water Safety

If you live close to a river or you have access to water for your dog to swim around in, then you have instant comfort in the fact you can cool your dog down on your daily walks. Be mindful that when swimming in a river or open water, the currents can be strong so it’s important to keep an eye on your dog and not let them swim too far out. If you’re worried your dog can’t swim confidently, just let them paddle in the shallow end or get into the water with them and help them float around to properly cool down.

Another important water consideration is making sure your dog has constant access to a fresh supply of water. Dogs are just like humans in the sense that they need to stay hydrated and refreshed in order to stay healthy and with big coats of fur, the heat can dehydrate them much quicker than you’d think. So, always have a fresh bowl of water available for them to enjoy when the heat gets a little too much. Top Tip: Try adding ice cubes to your dog’s water bowl to keep their water cool or double up as a refreshing snack!