How You Can Help Fight Homelessness

It’s impossible to deny that homelessness is a problem in America, especially in our larger cities. Whatever the root cause, be it mental health problems, abuse, addiction or others, it is a societal plague and a public health crisis. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that inside every homeless person, there is a human being, family story, and a chance to turn things around. There are many ways you can help do this, from big to small.

Become a Social Worker

Let’s start with those who have such a passion for helping others that they want to make a career out of it. Social workers can help teach basic life skills training Plumas Lake CA to people who are homeless or in need in many other ways. Social workers are trained, licensed professionals with either BSW, LISW or MSW degrees who can work for private entities or government agencies to make a huge difference.


Taking a step back, you certainly don’t need to pursue a degree or make helping the homeless a full-time occupation. Many people volunteer at homeless shelters, food banks and other nonprofit agencies and can make a big difference by just being present a few hours every week or month. It’s worth checking with your local agency to see what they need. Chances are, they can find a helpful position for someone with your skill set, whatever it may be.


There are also many well-intentioned people who simply don’t have time to work directly with the homeless on a volunteer or even paid basis. You may have young children, aging parents, or demanding jobs. If you feel strongly about fighting homelessness, you may be surprised at what a difference that even a modest cash donation can make to a local or national agency. It will help fund programs that will get people help, and that is just as needed as putting in the time to work with them directly.

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Regardless of the circumstances, homeless people deserve basic human dignity. We can meet their essential needs and help them on the right path with the efforts we’ve outlined here.