If we are desperately hoping to achieve something in life, in other words, we are wishing for something to happen in our lives, and in the process of wishing, we are making the objectives and the goals of our lives more clearly. The process of making our objectives in life more distinct is known as Manifestation. Defining manifestation would be using the law of attraction to achieve the goals of your life. The problem of using the law of attraction in life correctly is that most of us spend our time and energy thinking about the bad things and the disasters that could befall us if we are unsuccessful in the step that we had taken in fulfilling our wishes. If you think negatively, then you will never be able to achieve anything positive in life. To convert the negative emotions of your life into positive, you first need to change your thought from negative to positive and high-level.

When you make positive thinking a daily habit, you tend to attract a lot of positive energy from the way you think and as per the cosmic law of attraction, positive energy pulls in good vibes, and from that vibes, you get a lot of confidence which helps you to perform ordinary tasks extraordinarily and you not only create good memories and experience while you move ahead in your life, you also bring in good fortune and all your wishes start to become true. If you believe in the cosmic world, that universe is constantly in motion and if something eventful is happening in your life right now, then it will have both its cause and effect as per the rules of the cosmic world. Therefore, no matter what the situation is try to be the kindest and compassionate person so that the law of attraction always works in your favor. In this article, we will learn more about how to use manifestation to make all our wishes come true

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What is the power of wishes?

The wishes can create your energy. Every positive thought you have kindles your positive energy and the positive energy depicts the wishes into life-changing experiences. Manifestation not only helps you to achieve small wishes but also helps you to achieve your goal in life only if you know to use the law of attraction to its full potential. Many manifestation techniques have been devised which you could use to make your wishes come into life faster by using the law of attraction. But the glass of water and the paper technique is considered to be the most useful of all. So here’s how to do it.

A glass of water to make your wish come true

  • Take a paper and write your wish. The language should be affirmative. If you want to work on a dream project then write out the creative ideas. When you are writing out the ideas, both your brain and heart come to know of what you desire and what is the direction that you are thinking to go to achieve the end.
  • Get a glass that has an emotional connection with you. It might belong to someone who is no more with you but their memories give you a lot of strength. It might also be a glass that you used on your first date. In other words, the glass has to be of meaning to you. Fill it to the brim with clear drinkable water, no juice, and no drinks.
  • Attach the paper with glue on the glass. The more positive your mindset while you do this action, the better will be the outcome. Do not show the glass and the paper to anyone, it’s meant to be a secret between you and the cosmic energy.
  • Empty your minds of all emotions, let go of your present worries and stress that you are encountering. Close your eyes, rub your palms together to activate the flow of positive energy, and place your hands on both sides of the glass.
  • Visualize what you want, whisper your wish firmly, or state it aloud. In both cases, your tone should be affirmative. You should have trust in the wish that you are making. This leads the positive energy to redirect in the glass of water. Finally, you need to drink that glass of water.
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This process needs to be repeated twice every day when you wake up and before you go to sleep. If done properly, small wishes are achievable within two weeks. Bigger goals, however, take time in months owing to how complex your wish is and how positive you remain each day while doing this task.